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Alternative Cancer Remedies


  • Be very careful that you rinse all the soap off

your dishes and pots, or you will have added an additional chemical “food additive” to your next meal.


  • Avoid chemicals such as hair sprays, all

other aerosol products, fresh paints, garden pes- ticides, cleaning compounds and waxes, insec- ticide strips, mothballs and crystals, etc. Any- thing unnatural.

  • Dr. Max Gerson would not allow his cancer

patients to dye their hair while recovering from cancer.

  • Old-fashioned soap is all you need to disin-

fect, but when hexachlorophene is added to that soap, the soap becomes more deadly. Widely used in maternity and other hospital wards, as well as in cosmetics and deodorants, “hex” is a powerful cancer producer.

  • Chemicals encourage the formation of free

radicals in the body, which may lead to cancer. Do not be around, or use, chemicals. The body has to work to throw off the chemicals, when it should be attacking the cancer cells.

  • Exposure to certain chemicals, such as ben-

zidines, aniline dyes, and naphthalenes, tends to promote development of bladder and kidney cancer.

  • Exposure to asbestos, nickel, chromates,

pesticides, herbicides, and radioactive materi- als induces lung cancer.

  • Aflatoxins (found especially in peanuts and

soy sauce) must be avoided.

  • Avoid amines (which are in cheese, meat,

and unrefrigerated foods).

  • Antibiotics predispose to cancer. This would

include tetracycline, penicillin, aspirin, diuretics, immunosuppressants, Azolid, Butazolidin, Presamine, Tofranil, Sk-Promine, Tapazole, Meth- otrexate, antihistamines, amphetamines, Atro- mids, etc.

  • Aspirin inhibits lymphocytes (white blood

cells) which are crucially needed in immunologi- cal defenses.

  • No medicinal drugs ever healed anything; it

is nature which heals. Drugs are given to shock the body into healing itself. A poison is introduced, and this rouses the body to a supreme effort to throw off the poison. The result is generally a weak- ening of body organs, a transfer of the site of dis- ease to a different location, and sometimes a smothering of symptoms—till a later, more deadly, form emerges.

  • The taking of birth control pills, estrogen,

and other female hormones is damaging to the body. A later result can be cancer. One anti-cancer physician (Gerson) found that the only cancer pa- tients he could not recover were those who were taking hormones or who had damaged livers.

  • The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported (May

    • 1972)

      that pregnant women who take hormones

can result in cancer in their daughters when they enter their teens. The rate of leukemia is highest in affluent areas, where medical help can be af- forded and lowest among poorer people.

  • City living is depressing. It is also unhealth-

ful. The carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, and other photochemical pollutants in city smog definitely cause cancer of the lungs. Smog is somewhat present in rural areas, but the thick- est in the cities where it is especially produced.

  • Automobile exhausts and phosphate fer-

tilizers produce cadmium. This trace mineral is very toxic in larger amounts and produces vari- ous diseases, including cancer. Cadmium is con- centrated in animal livers and shellfish. Avoid both of them.


  • Radiation is a cause of leukemia.

  • You may be thin and need an electric blan-

ket. But avoid them if you can. There is the possi- bility that they might impose an electrical current on the body. That can happen the easiest if your skin is sweaty and directly next to the blanket. Research also indicates that it is change in the currents from blankets which may be the most deleterious.

  • X-rays, even diagnostic ones (the types used

by dentists and physicians), can lead to later leu- kemia or other cancers.

  • Strontium 90 and Iodine 131 are radioac-

tive element fallouts from distant nuclear bomb tests. Both are especially found in milk products. The first causes bone cancer and leukemia; the second causes thyroid cancer.

  • Stay eight or more feet from television sets.

Because of possible leakage, do not use micro- wave ovens.


  • Nearly all physicians and nutritionists agree

today that sunlight is harmful, even dangerous. But is this really true?

  • It is not easy to arrive at clear-cut answers

in this debate, but certain facts should be men- tioned:

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