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Alternative Cancer Remedies

gurt daily.

  • Eggs can cause cancer. Many chickens die of

carcinoma (cancer). It is known that the cancer germ can pass from the chicken into the egg.


  • Keep the weight down. Obesity is another

factor linked to cancer, especially in women. Over- weight women more frequently have cancer of the uterus, and do not recover as easily from breast cancer.

  • Accumulated fatty tissue in the body af-

fects female hormones. The more that is present, the more estrogen is produced and converted into a special type of endocrine substance which stimu- lates cells to divide in the breast and reproductive system. Overweight men and women are more likely to develop cancer.

  • A high-fat diet dramatically increases the

occurrence of colon, breast, endometrial, and ova- rian cancer, as compared with a low-fat diet. Eat- ing a lot of fat encourages the development of can- cer in both men and women. Colon cancer is more likely to occur in men.

  • Those who eat the most saturated fat are

twice as likely to develop polyps.

  • Dr. Ott Warburg made that discovery in the

1920s. He demonstrated that the metabolism of cancerous tissue differs radically from that of nor- mal tissue. A regular cell is nourished by oxygen which it uses to break down nutriments; without oxygen it dies. But a cancer cell lives by using chemicals to break down nutriments—not oxy- gen—and needs little or no oxygen to exist. The tumor, being a parasite, has a restricted circula- tion of blood, sometimes as low as 2% of normal, hence it lives on fermentation of sugar, like a plant or fungus, instead of oxygen. Later experiments by Warburg revealed that normal living tissue will become cancerous, if deprived of oxygen. It was this research which brought Warburg the Nobel Prize.

  • Since the blood provides the cells with oxy-

gen, Warburg concluded that the condition of the bloodstream played an important part in the de- velopment of cancer. This is substantiated by the fact that malignant tumors are frequently found near scars, at the sides of ulcers, in atrophied or- gans, or wherever the blood supply is poor.

  • Rancid oils and heavy protein diets thicken

the blood, and weaken its ability to transport food and oxygen to the cells.

  • Unlike other cells, cancer cells do not need

oxygen. Rancid oils and fats are dangerous, for they decrease oxygenation and weaken normal cells

while strengthening cancerous ones.

  • Rancid food and oils are unsafe and can

produce cancer. Even health foods which have been on the shelf (not refrigerated) for too long can be rancid. Try to make sure that the wheat germ, wheat germ oil, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flaxseed oil, and whole-wheat flour are fresh. Natural, unprocessed foods are extremely perish- able. Refrigerate as soon as possible after purchas- ing them. Wheat germ is a special problem; it turns rancid a week after it is made. Vitamins E, A, and F are totally destroyed in rancid foods. During the process of turning rancid, very harmful chemicals, such as peroxides, are produced. Because they are strong chemical irritants, after being ingested they can cause cancer. Research on this was done in Germany by Dr. H. Anemueller and, in the Univer- sity of Pennsylvania, by Drs. Rownee and Barrett.

  • Heated fats (animal or vegetable), when

heated to a high temperature, become carcino- genic. Never fry food; never eat fried food. Instead add no oil to your cooking, but place measured amounts on your food after it is served at the table. In this way, you will be better able to control your oil intake.

  • Oil in the coffee bean turns rancid when

heated; do not drink coffee because of that and several other reasons. Coffee has been shown to produce cancer of the bladder.


  • Researchers in Sweden estimate that 40%

of cancer in males and 60% in females is caused by dietary deficiencies and wrong eating.

  • Chew your food four times as long, thus

making it four times as digestible. Cancer is often caused by mineral deficiencies. How can you get enough, if you are not chewing your food prop- erly? When you chew your food well, you do not need to eat as much to satisfy both hunger and body needs.

  • As noted elsewhere, do not use dairy prod-

ucts, fried foods, heavy starches, or high pro- tein foods. Keep the diet simple and use cleans- ing foods.

  • *

    Rats fed simple, natural food were far less

likely to develop cancer than rats fed “purified” foods (i.e., processed foods).

  • Do not eat tainted or partly spoiled food:

fruits, vegetables, grains, etc. Definitely do not eat spoiled protein foods (such as nuts)!

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