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Alternative Cancer Remedies

all types of tumors (lung, liver, skin, etc.). In every experiment, the more the diet is restricted in calo- ries, the less incidence of cancerous growths.

  • Carotenoids and bioflavonoids are both

free-radical protectors. Both stimulate the immune system while there is evidence that carotenoids may be directly toxic to tumor cells. Carotenoids are the yellow coloring matter in green and yellow vegetables. Deep green leafy vegetables and fresh carrot juice are the best sources. Bioflavonoids are found in citrus, whole grains, honey, and other plant foods.

  • Animals fed cruciferous vegetables had

markedly lower cancer-rate matched controls. This family of vegetables includes broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, and cauliflower. Of them, broc- coli has been found to be the best. Since that 1970 discovery of the University of Minnesota, the ac- tive ingredient, called indoles, which has been iso- lated from the vegetables, provides unusual pro- tection against cancer. Scientists at Johns Hopkins found that lab animals fed cruciferous vegetables, and then exposed to the deadly carcinogen afla- toxin, had a 90 percent reduction in cancer rates.

  • Greens and the green foods have every

known vitamin, except Vitamin D and, possibly, B12. In addition, they have high levels of beta-caro- tene, potassium, glutathione (an amino acid), and other crucial nutrients which reduce tumor growth.

  • A diet high in beta-carotene, especially beta-

carotene, has been found to protect against can- cer (International Journal of Cance , September

  • 1984)


    • Green powders, such as Greenlife, Barley

Green, etc., are invaluable. Eat a spoonful with your food or in juice.

  • Emphasize raw food to the degree you are

able to do so. It is best that most of the food be raw, especially fruits and green leafy vegetables.

  • Phytosterols are natural chemicals in plants

which reduce the risk of colon cancer.

  • Abscisic acid is a plant dormancy hormone

and vitamin A analog found in plants; it has pro- found anti-cancer activity. Abscisic acid is a caro- tenoid factor and is especially found in green leafy vegetables.

  • While cleaning the body (such as during a

fast), breakfast can consist of fresh fruit and fruit juices. Use lemon, orange, grape, carrot, beet, and apple juice daily. All juices should be fresh, with no sugar added.

  • But in other foods, a small amount of

blackstrap molasses, pure maple syrup, or honey can act as a natural sweetener in place of sugar.

  • Use whole wheat or rye in place of white

flour. Whole-grain products, well-baked, are good. Do not use sourdough bread, sugared bread, or fruit breads. They are too indigestible.

  • Raw fruit and vegetables are best; lightly

cooked or steamed, they are second best. Salt- free frozen are next. Then comes salt-free canned; but such food should only be used if the first three choices are not available.

  • Raw fruit and vegetable juices are needed

to clean the system and help rebuild it. Use red beet juice (from roots and very little, if any, from tops) and juice from carrots, celery, grapes, and other darker vegetables and fruits, such as black cherries, black currants, etc.

  • Fruit juices are best taken in the morning

and vegetable juices in the afternoon and evening.

  • Drink spring or steam-distilled water only!

  • Dr. Hans Nieper, a cancer researcher, uses

fresh raw cabbage and carrot juice with excel- lent results.

  • Some recommend four 8-ounce glasses of

freshly squeezed juice daily. Max Gerson, M.D., prescribed 13 glassfuls a day. Along with a scien- tific program of other remedies, that juice pattern is still followed today at the Gerson Institute in northern Mexico.

  • Never mix fruit and vegetable juices in the

same meal. It is all right to mix vegetables juices together, but do not mix fruit juices (orange, grapefruit, pineapple, lemon, or grape). Some (in- cluding the Gerson Institute) recommend a com- bination of carrot and apple juice.

  • Fresh lemon juice should be squeezed on

all greens, salads, or lettuce that is eaten. This enables the calcium and minerals to be better ab- sorbed by the system. Dark green vegetables are better than light-colored lettuce.

  • Lecithin should be included in the diet, to

keep cholesterol in the blood stream emulsified (so it does not harden on the walls). This will im- prove blood circulation to the site of the tumor. Lecithin helps regulate metabolism, break down fat and cholesterol, and prevent malignancies.

  • Wheat germ oil is an extremely rich source

of vitamin E, and should be taken daily. Only use cold-pressed (Viobin), and keep it refrigerated until you are ready to use it during the meal.

  • Omega-3 fatty acids may inhibit cancers,

especially breast cancer (Cancer, October 1986). Flaxseed oil is, by far, the best source!

  • According to a 1988 medical article (British

Journal of Surgery), eating an adequate amount of essential fatty acids helps protect the body against skin cancer. It even helps eliminate them, once they form.

  • Take a teaspoon of blackstrap molasses at

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