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Special Preventive Factors


the end of the vegetable meal. This will provide additional amounts of iron, calcium, and impor- tant B vitamins.

  • Never eat fruit and vegetables at the same

meals. Exception: lemon juice can be squeezed over greens to help you better absorb calcium and minerals in those greens.

  • Use plenty of soaked figs, prunes, and rai-


  • Eat garlic daily. Studies done in Japan sug-

gest that taking garlic supplements may help re- duce the size of tumors. It has been used for me- dicinal purposes for 4,000 years.

  • Garlic is a faithful standby, and protects

against cancer in general (Acta Unio. Intern. Con- tra Cancrum, 20, No. 3, 1964). Cut a thin slice of garlic and carefully tape it over, what you consider might be, a skin cancer. Try to avoid contact of the garlic on good skin. (If it does, the skin will redden and burn somewhat.) Russian research, from back in the 1950s, revealed that garlic is more powerful than antibiotics in destroying bacteria. It also causes moles and skin cancers to fall off.

Put the garlic on in the morning, take it off, and carefully wash the area in the evening before bedtime. Put on a new application. Remove it in the morning, and repeat the process. Do this for about 3 days. The mole or ulcer will dissolve and slough off. Let the area heal. If part of it remains, repeat the process at a later time.

If you keep applying the garlic for more than 4 days, it will begin burning deeper into the skin (you will know, because the area will become very painful.) Such deep burning is not necessary to slough off the cancer, and could be harmful.

  • Be sure to incorporate dietary fiber in each

regular meal.

  • Fiber in the diet helps maintain regularity

and avoid colon cancer. But it also helps the colon absorb toxins and carry it out of the body. This is important. Be sure to eat at least 3 tablespoons of bran at each regular (non-juice only) meal.

  • Try to have a vegetable, fruit, and berry

garden of your own, using natural fertilizers, sea- weed, etc. You are what you eat. Purchase food where organically grown food is sold.

  • We do not generally think of mushrooms as

the best food, for they are in the fungus family. But it has been found that three types (Reishi, Shiitake, and Maitake mushrooms) have decided anti-cancer factors. Oral extract of Maitake pro- vided complete elimination of tumors in 40% of test animals while the remaining 60% had a 90% of their cancers eliminated. Maitake contains a polysaccharide, called beta-glucan, which stimu- lates the immune system and even lowers blood


  • Legumes and seed foods (such as soybeans)

have protease inhibitors (PI). These tend to pro- tect the seeds from being digested. As such, they were thought to be a problem. But recently it has been discovered that they tend to reduce tumor growth. The National Cancer Institute think that some of these substances (isoflavones and phytoestrogens) have potent anti-cancer proper- ties. However, eating a lot of beans is not some- thing you will want to do at home! Too much pro- tein helps feed the cancer cells.

  • Certain other foods show an ability to slow

tumor growth in some way. This includes apples, apricots, barley, citrus fruit, cranberries, fiber, figs, ginger, spinach, and seaweed.

  • There are a variety of digestive enzymes.

Take them with a meal, to improve digestion, or on an empty stomach, if the need is to help fight cancer (first thing in the morning; an hour before breakfast; or the last thing at night, at least two hours after supper.)

  • Rice bran, pressure cooked, is rich in

tocotrienols (2-3 tablespoons a day).

  • Aloe vera extract (or, better, fresh aloe vera

leaves) contains the active immune stimulant, ace mannan.

  • Scientists have found that the active culture

of bacteria in yogurt (lactobacillus) can fortify the immune system. In both humans and animals, yogurt in the diet tripled the internal production of interferon, a powerful chemical compound used by the immune system against cancer cells. It also slows the level of natural killer cells. Yogurt slows the growth of tumor cells in the gastro-intestinal tract while improving the ability of the immune system to destroy active tumor cells. It also helps block the production of carcinogenic agents in the colon. Women eating yogurt were found to have less breast cancer. It is well-known that milk is one of the worst allergenic foods, and can carry disease germs from the cows. So you would do well to obtain lactobacillus cultures from health- food stores rather than eating yogurt.

  • Other intestinal microflora products can

be used instead of yogurt (which can be allergenic and contain cow diseases). Some broad spectrum products contain lactobacillus, bifidus, strepto- coccus faecium. Others contain only lactobacil- lus, which is milk- and yogurt-free.


You should be aware of the fact that, by the time symptoms of pain accompany cancer, it is in the advanced stages. At that point, the body ur-

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