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Alternative Cancer Remedies

gently needs good nourishment, as well as cleans- ing; it should not be given fasts. For further infor- mation on this, see the Gerson Therapy, later in this book.

But, as a cancer preventive, occasional fasting is helpful. Cancer prevention is the theme of the entire Part One section of this book.

  • Fasts on fruit and vegetable juices of 1 to

3 days can be taken. If under the care of someone who knows what to do, and you are not thin, a longer fast may be undertaken.

  • Go on a fresh fruit diet for several days. If

the patient is thin, after a few days of fruit diet, give him an alkaline nourishing diet. This would consist of vegetable broth (simmer thick potato peelings, carrots, and beets; strain; drink the wa- ter on top), mashed half-inch thick potato peel- ings, brown rice, carrots, greens of all kinds, red cabbage, parsley, and other vegetables.

  • Eating good food treats malnutrition, and

many people develop cancer because of a lack of the protective, nourishing food needed to resist it.

  • There is a theory that you can starve cancer

to death. This has been proven untrue. Cancer does better in a malnourished body. One study revealed that pure malnutrition (cachexia) is re- sponsible for at least 22% and up to 75% of all cancer deaths.


IMPORTANT: Throughout this study, when dos- age amounts used in research are given, the amounts are always for “per day” (mg per day, etc.). G means grams, not grains.

IMPORTANT: According to the literature sur- veyed, when overdosage was possible, this was in- dicated. (See vitamins A, B6, niacin, selenium, cys- teine, arginine.) Of course, vitamin D overdose can also be toxic, but it is not listed here as an anti- cancer factor. For a variety of reasons, beware of taking much, if any, iron supplements.

IMPORTANT: Fish oils have also been recom- mended in the literature as possible anti-cancer agents. But we do not list them here for three rea- sons: Large amounts must be consumed to be ben- eficial. Fish oil has a known history of damaging the muscle of the heart. Some forms inhibit blood clotting

Take the supplements which seem distasteful and hard to swallow; and put them in fruit or other drink, and swallow them all together. If necessary, briefly whiz the mixture in a blender.

When possible, chew the tablets. Break open the capsules and pour the powder onto your food or into a spoon. Crack liquid capsules in your

mouth and spit out the capsule. Do not crack vita- min C in your mouth—the acidity can hurt your teeth. Just swallow it whole.

  • It is well-known, by biochemists, that most

cancer victims have a deficiency of not only all vitamins, but also hydrochloric acid, potas- sium, magnesium, iodine, and many trace ele- ments.

  • Vitamins are very important. Do not trust

yourself to the official standardized amounts of needed vitamins and minerals. The actual nutri- tional requirements are much higher. In addition, living in our chemicalized, polluted age destroys a number of vitamins and minerals.

  • For example, vitamin C is destroyed in its

effort to combat auto-exhaust fumes and mercury in the food. Vitamin E destroys itself in the pro- cess of detoxifying cadmium (which nonsmokers breathe when they are in the same room as smok- ers). The list goes on and on. The world is not as safe now as it used to be. We can be thankful that we are aware of vitamins and minerals and how to obtain them in sufficient quantities.

[Special note: The following data on vitamin A was compiled from information gleaned from sources which had not yet discovered that beta- carotene (pro-vitamin A) was the more active agency in cancer prevention, and far more power- ful than vitamin A.]

  • Vitamin A is crucial in cancer therapy, but

can you get too much of this oil-soluble vitamin? High doses of vitamin A (500,000 IU) can have acute reversible effects. Toxicity may start as low as 25,000 IU in those with impaired liver function (caused by drugs, hepatitis, or protein malnutri- tion). Otherwise, it begins at several hundred thou- sand IU.

  • Toxicity of vitamin A can be reduced by tak-

ing vitamin E at the same time. This mitigates lipid peroxide effects.

  • Toxicity of beta-carotene (pre-vitamin A, as

found in greens and carrot juice) has never been found. One 15-year study involved immense beta- carotene intake.

  • Experiment after experiment has revealed

that when vitamin A is missing, cancer can be started in animals; but, when it is present in abun- dance, not even fast growing implanted cancers will survive in test animals. Vitamin A inhibits the induction, and retards the growth of both malig- nant and non-malignant tumors. Taken over a short period, vitamin A can greatly aid in recovery of cancer. Take large doses (up to 150,000 units per day or you may wish to remain with smaller doses: 50,000 units, twice a day). Later you can

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