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Alternative Cancer Remedies

cer reduction. But it slightly alters the pH of can- cer cells, rendering them more vulnerable to im- mune attack.


  • Chlorophyll is an anti-cancer agent which

slows the growth of cancerous tumors. It creates an environment unfavorable to bacterial growth.

  • A diet rich in chlorophyll is therapeutically

effective for both external and internal infections, including malignancies.

  • Blue-green algae and chlorophyll clean and

protect the blood

  • CoQ10 (co-enzyme Q10) and germanium

provide oxygen to the cells. So does vitamin E, working in the liver. (Cancer does not use oxygen in the cells.)

  • CoQ10 increases aerobic (oxygen) metabo-

lism and immune function. Cancer cells thrive where there is a lack of oxygen.

  • CoQ10 sometimes reduces hair loss in those

who choose to take chemotherapy.

  • Scientists, at UCLA, have found that sodium

linoleate, which contains linoleic acid (an es- sential fatty acid) has the ability to fight cancer cells. Lecithin is a good source.

  • Gamma linolenic acid (GLA) can be taken

as oil of borage, evening primrose, or black cur- rent seed. In purified form, up to 1.5 grams per day can be taken.

  • Alpha linolenic acid (ALA) from flaxseed

oil (1-2 teaspoons daily). Make sure that it was stored in the refrigerator at the health food store you purchase it from. Flaxseed oil becomes ran- cid very quickly, so purchase small bottles.


  • Glutathione (200 grams) functions in the

body as an antioxidant and helps destroy free radi- cals and the toxicity remaining if you already have received radiation treatments and chemotherapy. Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, especially) in- creases the body’s own production of glutathione peroxidase (GSH).

  • Cysteine (N-acetylcysteine) (1-2 grams) is

an amino acid which enters into various detoxifi- cation systems in the body, helps bolster glu- tathione paroxidase activity, and can be converted in the body to glutathione, which may become GSH, a potent broad spectrum antioxidant enzyme system. Cysteine supplementation promotes glu- tathione synthesis.

  • Although safe up to 10 g, the nauseating taste

and smell of cysteine can cause vomiting.

  • Several studies confirm that arginine re-

duces tumors and tumor formation. It increases T-cell function, stimulates the thymus and thyroid, and enhances activity of killer cells, as well as interleukin-2 receptors and general immune im- provements.

  • At therapeutic levels (above 5 g) of arginine,

growth of certain viruses may be activated.

  • Methionine reduces the intake of mercury,

which is a cancer-causing agent.

  • Malnourished cancer patients improve when

branched chain amino acids (leucine, isoleu- cine, and valine) are given. Protein and albumin synthesis are heightened.


The information in this section is primarily for medical researchers, but it is also invaluable for those who want to prevent cancer from gaining a foothold in their bodies.

Because of modern nutritional, environmen- tal, and living conditions, cancer rates are rapidly increasing. In this chapter, the thoughtful reader will have learned a number of things which can help prevent the occurrence of cancer.

  • You have been a toxic waste site! And now,

before the cancer has a chance to start, you are beginning waste disposal operations. With prayer, diligent work, and the blessing of God, you can have success.

  • While some are concerned with treating

symptoms, you must be concerned with getting at the causes of cancer and eliminating them. Only then can the problem be permanently solved.

The Gerson Therapy seems to do the best job of eliminating the toxins. You will find it discussed later in this book.

  • Well, there you have a number of possible

suggestions. What you have just read may seem like a lot of work. But, since cancer will gen- erally mean the end of you, are you sure you do not want to work?

  • It is extremely important that you care for

and rebuild the liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, bow- els, and other organs. Dr. Max Gerson maintained that he could eliminate cancer in anyone if the liver was in good condition. Take care of your liver.

  • If you have cance , we recommend that you

locate a physician and place yourself under his care. A careful systematic regime of healthful re- covery is needed, and you may not know what to do. Regardless of which doctor you go to, while waiting for appointments get started doing the right things! Doctors may be busy, but your life depends on changes which need to start right now. Essen-

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