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Specific Systems of Treatment


Then, in the 1920s, chemotherapy began. This worked on the same basic principle as the other two. Surgery cut out tissue, radiation burned out tissue, and chemotherapy poisoned tissue. All three destroyed a great amount of tissue, even though efforts were made to localize the killing zone to the area where the tumor was located. But it was not until after World War II that chemo- therapy came into its own, for not until then had the cost of drugs been raised high enough to be as profitable as the two earlier methods.

Yet, paralleling this medical history, there arose other views on cancer—and other methods of treat- ing it. Here, in Part Two, we will consider quite a few of them.

____________________ WILLIAM LAMBE, M.D., 1809

Note to researchers: Much research has been done on the considerable value of individual vitamins and minerals, in rela- tion to cancer prevention and reduction. But it would be well to carry out research on exclusively fruit and vegetable diets.

Working Summary: Lambe’s therapy consisted of a simple, vegetarian diet. Little else is known about it.

John Abernethy was a leading English surgeon and teacher who specialized in removing and clas- sifying tumors. However, he recognized that sur- gery was accomplishing little.

“I have known a patient to die soon after an operation for removal of a cancer of not great magnitude, merely in consequence of the shock.” In his writings, Abernethy called attention to William Lambe, M.D., of London, who in 1809 pub- lished a paper recommending a diet of fruits, veg- etables, and pure water as a cure for a variety of diseases, including cancer.

____________________ J. WELDON FELL, M.D., c. 1858

Note to researchers: Fell’s treatment focused on the admin- istration of goldenseal, an herb which grows in eastern North America. In view of the fact that herbalists have used it for years for this purpose, extensive research should be carried on using it on patients.

Working Summary: This is the second of the three physi- cians using this formula.

Dr. Fell was a distinguished physician, and one of the original members of the New York Academy of Medicine, as well as a faculty member of the University of New York.

But when he began using an alternative method, he was discriminated against by the hos- pitals and physicians. So he emigrated to London and practiced there. Although a Yankee, he was quite successful in London.

The Fell remedy was derived from the root of the puccoon plant, indigenous to the shores of Lake Superior. It had been used by the Indians for a variety of problems.

Fell kept his formula a secret until he was cer- tain that it was successful, then he invited other physicians to demonstrations and published the formula. He added a small amount of zinc chlo- ride to the plant powder.

He used his remedy at the Middlesex Hospital for a number of years. It could be used on both operable and inoperable cancers, eliminated the need for surgery, and was followed by healthy granulation and healing. But, upon his death, the remedy was forgotten. Only the published report remains.

According to him, the problem was that an herbal remedy for cancer eliminated the profit to be derived from surgeries.

____________________ T.T. BLAKE, M.D., 1858

(In the southern states, “yellow puccoon” is one of the local names for goldenseal.)

Note to researchers: Blake, Fell, and Pattison all lived in the same area at about the same time, and it is believed that they had very similar herbal formulas, plus a few additions. It would be well to investigate those formulas more closely. Surely, the data must be available in historical literature.

Working Summary: Blake was the first of three physicians to use essentially the same therapy, which apparently was gold- enseal, plus a trace of zinc chloride.

____________________ JOHN PATTISON, M.D., 1858

Note to researchers: Pattison’s formula, consisting of wa- ter, zinc chloride, and a single herb should be easy to use in testing. There is a need to ascertain whether this could provide a viable therapy. It would be well to locate his book and reprint it.

Dr. Blake, of New York City, applied a pow- dered mixture of herbs, mixed as a salve, to the cancerous area. The growth would generally be gone within 3 weeks.

After the first few days, the treatment produced a discharge from the malignancy, which contin- ued flowing until the cancer was entirely gone. Throughout this time, the patient was not confined to bed, but carried on his regular activities.

Working Summary: Pattison was the third physician who apparently used this goldenseal formula.

Dr. Pattison, originally of New York City, also moved to London. Like Fell, he used a simple herbal formula, and offered to freely teach other physicians his method. An 1858 pamphlet was ex- panded in 1866 to a full book, which discussed the treatment of over 4,000 cancer patients in 13 years.

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