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Specific Systems of Treatment


Working Summary: The Beard theory consisted of giving patients trypsin and chymotrypsin, two pancreatic enzymes.

Working Summary: The Glover Therapy consists of a se- rum from horse blood. It is no longer available.

Dr. Beard was a Scottish embryologist who, as a result of extensive research, concluded that cancer (along with most degenerative diseases) begin as a result of wrong diet, inadequate diges- tion, and a lack of proper digestive enzymes.

Beard said that cancer cells have many of the same characteristics of the trophoblast cells, which produce the placenta during pregnancy. Both cancer cells and trophoblast cells grow quickly and invade other tissues.

Dr. Glover, or Toronto Canada, was another physician who believed that cancer was caused by a virus.

With this in mind, and working with several associates, Glover studied viruses and developed a serum which was later lost. He began his re- search soon after entering medical practice in 1911; and, financed by a wealthy industrialist, he developed a serum derived from the blood of horses.

If trophoblast cells continued to grow unabated in pregnancy, they could destroy the mother and child. But, in the fourth month of a normal preg- nancy, the fetus becomes completely developed and begins secreting certain enzymes, including trypsin and chymotrypsin, that stop the growth of the tro- phoblast cells, allowing the pregnancy to continue.

According to Beard’s theory, eating too much animal protein overworks the pancreas to the point that it malfunctions and becomes ineffi- cient. Because the average American eats twice as much animal protein as he could handle, the protein is never fully digested and used by the body.

This leads to toxic fermentation in the intesti- nal tract, with symptoms of gas, bloating, abdomi- nal pain, and colon irritation.

Several times, independently of one another, several researchers have used fluids from horses to eliminate cancer in humans. Krebiozen, de- veloped in Brazil and then brought to Chicago, would later become the most famous example.

Samples of the serum were sent free to hospi- tals so they could test it, in accordance with usual procedures. It worked so well, that soon he was besieged by cancer patients from all over North America.

The interesting fact about cancer remedies is that, although it has been firmly established that dietary and environmental factors are crucial fac- tors; yet, upon studying medical history, we find that so many different ways have been devised which produce remission from cancer!

If the pancreas is malfunctioning, it cannot se- crete enough enzymes to suppress trophoblast cells, making these cells potentially cancerous. Acting on this theory, Dr. Beard began treating cancer patients with trypsin and chymotrypsin in 1907. He had remarkable success with this treatment, which he described in his 1911 book, Enzymatic Treatment of Cancer.

One photograph in the book shows a large army captain with an immense cancerous growth on his face. In five weeks it was eliminated by en- zymes.

Essential enzymes are not only produced in the pancreas, they are also present in raw foods. Most people in Western countries need a diet which contains more raw food.

John Beard’s work will be discussed again later in this book, under the section on the Krebs and their research into laetrile.

(For more on John Beard’s research, see pages 119 and 181.)

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THOMAS J. GLOVER, M.D., c. 1918

Note to researchers: It is clear from the striking case of T.J. Glover, as well as Stanley’s research, that intensive research should be done into possible microorganism involvement in the cancer process.

However, only those methods which reach down to the heart of the matter—and change those things in the life which caused the cancer in the first place—are truly successful in the long run. A serum may eliminate the tumor, but it is very likely to return a few years later—unless the lifestyle is corrected!

This is why only a few of the methods described in this brief historical overview are to be preferred. Yes, there are substances which will destroy can- cer sites, but the problem is not permanently solved unless important changes are made in one’s diet and way of life.

In January 1921, the Toronto Academy of Medicine issued an official report, that they had found “no evidence” that Glover’s serum had helped anyone. They also said that any so-called cures were due to “psychic suggestion” and noth- ing else.

In spite of this setback, a number of physi- cians in Canada and America began using his se- rum. On June 4, 1924, a Philadelphian newspa- per (the North American) published an article dis- closing that Glover’s serum had produced favor- able results.

The next day, the New York Times published a statement by a leading physician, connected with

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