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Alternate Cancer Remedies

elements in the system.

Then in 1920, following eight successful re- coveries, Koch announced that he had a cure for cancer. Immediately, the surgeons in charge of the Wayne County Medical Society instituted a war against him.

By that decade, surgery was still the most prof- itable treatment for cancer. It was not until the late 1940s that the cost of cancer drugs was raised enough, to make them equally profitable. From then on, chemotherapy ranked with surgery and radiation as the approved medical treatments for cancer.

tan and fake. Although Glyoxylide was said to be nothing more than distilled water, no examination was ever made to determine exactly what it was.

The Koch treatment was more rounded than that of some others. He did not rely merely on Glyoxylide, but also required a rigid diet which excluded all foods which were toxic or contained oxygen inhibitors. Included in this list were meats, beans, lentils, coffee, alcohol, and to- matoes. Only distilled water was to be drunk, and daily enemas were required. Koch main- tained that both the diet changes and the Glyox- ylide were needed to eliminate the cancer.

Another aspect of Koch’s brilliant thinking re- volved around sugar metabolism. Fifteen years before Warburg discovered the same principle (and received a Noble prize the following year for doing so), Koch had stumbled upon the fact that sugar oxidation was a key factor in cancer formation.

According to his thinking, if the sugars could be oxidized, the cancer would be reduced. What was needed was more oxygen to the site of the tumor.

Although Koch already had one treatment for cancer (fever therapy), he set to work devising another—one which would not require the fever.

He searched for more active catalysts to stimu- late the body’s capacity to oxidize toxins. —The result was Glyoxylide. This is the name he gave a liquid formula which he developed. Koch was an extremely capable and original thinker. His bold idea was that Glyoxylide would cause toxins in the cancer cells (and elsewhere in the body) to be changed into antitoxins—by oxydizing them. This was to be done by adding molecules which changed their composition.

Another part of Koch’s theory was that cancer was caused by a germ or virus; and that origi- nally it was harmless, but only became deadly when poisoned by the toxins in the system.

Individuals taking the Koch treatment needed no hospitalization. The person would receive one injection of Glyoxylide and no more for about six weeks or until decreased oxidation was observed.

As with all worthwhile natural alternate rem- edies for cancer while on the program, pain would subside and tend to disappear. This tends to be a hallmark of genuine cancer remedies.

In 1933, Koch published his book, Cancer and Allied Diseases, in which he explained the think- ing behind his treatments. He maintained that cancer resulted from years of toxic conditions in the body. When the cancer growth begins, these toxic conditions lessen somewhat, since some are being stored in the cancerous tissue, somewhat as you might place garbage in a gar- bage can, so the house can remain clean and neat. Surgery, by removing the surrounding con- tainer, damages the house and does nothing to reduce the influx of toxins.

Koch said that cancer was a response of pro- tection against dangerous toxins; it tried to bottle them up in tumors. He also maintained that, when the toxins were eliminated, the can- cer would automatically shrink and disappear; and all its essential elements would be reab- sorbed by the body.

This concept closely relates to the discoveries of Royal Rife in the 1930s, a young man who, sub- sidized by the Mr. Timpkin (owner of Timpkin Roller Bearing Company), invented a super-pow- erful microscope (the Rife microscope) and, then, with it, he discovered that germs change from one type to another, depending on conditions in the body. One stage is a fungus; the last is cancer. That was in the days before the development of the electron microscope, but there has been si- lence in regard to any efforts made, using the elec- tron microscope to duplicate Rife’s germ transfor- mations which occur in toxic bodies. (See Pleo- morphism, later in this book.)

Koch’s theories were never investigated by the medical authorities. He was treated as a charla-

In contrast, Koch declared that cutting out pieces of the body, to rid it of a cancerous con- dition, accomplished nothing positive but in- stead it caused great injury, weakened the body, and laid the groundwork for even more trouble later on. Surgery and biopsy, Koch said, only spread cancer faster. Yet, he added, it was the surgeons who were given the authority to decide which remedies could be approved!

Several top physicians, throughout the world, saw the value of the Koch treatment and began using it—until threats stopped them. This included Allen, of Tulane University; Bryan, of Vanderbilt University; Maisin, of Belgium; Godfrey, in Toronto; and Kannel, of Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

One of these, Forbes Godfrey, who for 26 years

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