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Specific Systems of Treatment


was the Canadian Minister of Health and Educa- tion, said, “Radium has a dangerous effect on the human system. In a couple of years people who have used it usually die suddenly because it af- fects the heart.”

J.W. Kannel later testified about how, over a period of 14 years, he had successfully treated 72 cases with the Koch preparation. Many were hope- lessly advanced to begin with. About a third were still alive.

first cancer treatment he had ever found which provided any hope. In spite of such testimony, no formal report of this hearing was ever made.

In the 1960s, the present writer met a lady who told of her meeting with Dr. Koch about a decade earlier. Because her 10-year-old son had cancer, they flew to Brazil, where he had been given the Koch treatment. The cancer disappeared and her son had been in fine health ever since.

He noted that, before adopting the Koch treat- ment, he had operated on at least 50 cases of can- cer, had followed surgery with X-ray or radium,— and yet the longest survival time had been only two and a half years.

Kannel mentioned that, on a visit to Mayo Clinic, he saw a surgeon remove five cancerous breasts in one day. When asked about success rate, the surgeon admitted that surgery and radiation accomplished nothing, but that he did not know what else to do.

In 1940-1941 in Brazil, Koch successfully treated leprosy, tuberculosis, and mental condi- tions. Then an agent for a large pharmaceutical firm (which reaped immense profits from repeated injections into the insane) shook his fist in Koch’s face and said he would not be interfering much longer in Brazil.

In April 1942, Koch was arrested in Florida for “false labeling” of his product. The district at- torney demanded an immense bail of $10,000. When asked why, since only murder cases required such a bail, the DA admitted that he had received orders from Detroit to do this so Koch would not return to Brazil and finish his research there.

Both in 1942 and 1946, the FDA fought Koch in two bitter trials, claiming that the remedies were indistinguishable from distilled water. A tempo- rary injunction was made to stop his work until a thorough investigation could be made. Of course, the investigation was remarkably slow in getting started. In 1950, the injunction was made perma- nent. Koch had been stopped.

At this juncture, Koch gave his formulas and methods to the Christian Medical Research League of Detroit, and then moved permanently to Brazil. But the preparation was incompetently processed, was no longer effective, and was soon abandoned.

Meanwhile, another cancer investigation was set up, this time in Ontario, Canada. One witness, J.W. Kannel of Fort Wayne, Indiana, told of treat- ing 72 patients in 14 years with Glyoxylide, due to their own pleadings for help. He said they were too hopeless for any other kind of treatment. Of that number, 21 were still alive and four others had died of other causes. Kannel said it was the

____________________ MIKKEL HINDHEDE, M.D., 1920

Note to Researchers: The data already available on this subject is truly vast. How much more research will be required before the public will be told about one of the primary causes of cancer?

Working Summary: According to a deluge of research find- ings, a consistent vegetarian—non-meat—diet is one of the best ways to avoid cancer.

World War I was extremely hard on the people of Europe. Food shortages were widespread, and many had extremely little to eat. During the years 1917-1918, the food restrictions were the most severe. Following the war, Dr. Hindhede studied the effects of the restricted diet on the inhabitants of one city: Copenhagen, Denmark.

During those two years, the entire popula- tion of that large city was forced to live on a diet consisting primarily of milk, vegetables, and grain. But, in studying what had happened, Hindhede was astounded to discover that there was an amazing 34 percent drop in Copen- hagen’s death rate. The cancer rate dropped also (M. Hindhede, “The Effect of Food Restrictions Dur- ing War on Mortality in Copenhagen,” Journal of the American Medical Association, 74(6):381, 1920).

Other studies in Britain, Switzerland, and else- where showed similar results. For example, Strom and Jensen’s analysis of the Norwegian people dur- ing World War II revealed remarkably lowered death rates (A. Strom and R.A. Jensen, Lancet 260:126-29, 1951).

It is well-known, among serious nutritionists, that artificial additives such as artificial colors and flavors, preservatives, hormones, and pesticides in food are cancer-causing. But, with over 1,400 Americans dying of cancer everyday, there is an- other important food factor which is producing a significant portion of those tumors:

“Until recently, many eyebrows would have been raised by suggesting that an imbalance of normal dietary components could lead to cancer and cardiovascular disease . . Today, the accumu- lation of evidence makes this notion not only pos- sible, but certain . . The dietary factors are princi-

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