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Specific Systems of Treatment


fighting chemical found in chaparral, KDGA, yet does not have the side effects which sometimes occurs with chaparral. See the sections on chap- arral and pau d’arco for more on this.)

Medical literature reveals that licorice root has produced adverse effects when taken in massive doses. Poke can be toxic also, but is not included in the current formula.

The Hoxsey Clinic recommends taking 1 or 2 teaspoonfuls of the powdered formula in a glass of hot or cold water two or more times a day. The external treatments, which Hoxsey used to use, have been discontinued because they were so harsh and painful.

would call it a juice diet), followed by healthful eating patterns. Hers was a broad program which included enemas.

On September 1, 1941, Dr. Tilden died at the age of 90. Dr. Chase’s work as a practicing physi- cian continued from the mid-1920s to the early 1960s.

Many of the alternative cancer treatments de- scribed in this present historical review were mono programs; that is, only a single chemical, com- pound, extract, or nutrient was used. In marked contrast, Dr. Chase used a wide variety of nutri- tional factors, but no chemicals of any type.


____________________ ALICE CHASE, M.D., 1920s

Note to researchers: Alice Chase’s method of treating can- cer demands testing by researchers! Such a program could help millions recover from sickness, with but little outlay of money.

Working Summary: Chase based her method on the work of John Tilden and Lucius Bulkley, both of whom used a care- fully regimented natural diet to dissolve tumors and expel them from the body. The physicians giving laetrile, as well as the Gerson Institute, now use a careful dietetic program.

A number of distinguished physicians worked successfully with cancer in the 19th century. One of them was Dr. John H. Tilden.

In 1923, a young pre-medical student, Dr. Alice Chase met him and learned about his system of healing. Tilden was already 73 by that time. She studied under him for two years at his Denver, Colorado, Tilden Health School.

When she became a physician, Chase used Tilden’s methods and adapted them somewhat. A primary change was that she found that meat must be forbidden to patients who wished to properly recover from any serious physical problem. Meat was a reservoir of disease, she found.

The following excerpt was taken from the chap- ter on “Cancer” in Dr. Alice Chase’s 1959 book, Nutrition and Health.

In view of the fact that she had a high rate of success with a wide variety of infections and dis- eases over a period of forty years, Chase spoke with authority about such subjects; for she had worked with them for years.

Dr. Chase’s work, as a practicing physician, continued from the mid-1920s to the early 1960s. She was also acquainted with Dr. Duncan Bulkley’s cancer program, which is discussed elsewhere in this present historical overview.

Here is this excerpt from her book:

“The body cannot be affected by cancer when it is healthy. The body must be saturated with une- liminated excretions within the cells before it is susceptible to this disease.

“Cancer is not a local disease at first. When any organ or tissue manifests cancer signs, the entire body is a sewer full of wastes. How do those wastes saturate the body cells and fluids?

Both Tilden and Chase (as well as earlier out- standing physicians, such as Trall, Jackson, and Kellogg) emphasized that good health is a way of life, and involves nutrition as well careful liv- ing.

They taught that no poisons are to be intro- duced into the system. For this reason, these phy- sicians used absolutely no drug medications, nor radiation treatments.

These physicians were actually teachers, in- structing their patients in a better way of life.

But they also used an essential tool for the recovery of disease: complete fasting for a short time in the height of the crisis, followed by partial fasting (drinking fruit and vegetable juices). For conditions such as cancer, they did not use com- plete fasts, but relied on juice fasting (today we

“In cancer the body is hypersaturated with re- tained catabolic wastes within the cells. One rea- son for the special susceptibility of some organs to cancer is the fact that these particular organs are permeated with relatively large blood and lymph supplies. When a highly vascular organ is saturated with unexcreted wastes, it may mani- fest signs of cancer.

“The breast, the thyroid gland, the prostate gland, the uterus, and other structures that are highly vascular are often found to be cancerous. When any body organ manifests cancer signs and symptoms, the entire body is affected by the same poisons, and these will eventually kill the sufferer. For this reason, X-ray treatments, radium treat- ments, and other medical ‘weapons,’ in addition to extreme and radical surgery, prove futile.

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