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Alternate Cancer Remedies

“The sick body can be made better only by regenerating its cells and fluids from a morbid state to a normal one. This can be accomplished. The living body responds to constructive methods such as raw foods that are potent enough to soak out cellular and tissue wastes and excrete them from the body economy.

longer was associated with the New York Skin and Cancer Hospital, worked on the cancer problems with diets. Dr. Bulkley found that a vegetarian diet which was so low in proteins and in sulphur-con- taining food was effective in arresting cancer and prolonging the lives of many inoperable and re- current cases of cancer . .

Food can be more effective than any drug or drugs. Surgery has been proven useless. It does not prolong life. In fact, surgery may shorten life in some cases.

“The surgical patient is debilitated. Surgery is shocking and weakening. The sick are entitled to such constructive methods as diet offers. Before surgery is attempted, why should not an honest and good surgeon put his cancer patients on a pre- operative treatment like freshly made raw vegetable juices and raw fruit juices for a week to a month? Such initial treatment may prove to work won- ders on the sick body. The fresh raw fruit juices and raw vegetable juices can indeed be real po- tent elixirs of life! They would be a boon to those who suffer the weakness and pains of cancer. . .

“The body needs foods that are rich in miner- als and vitamins. These are to be preferred to vi- tamins and minerals in capsules or pills.

“Fresh raw salads and fresh raw fruits are of- ten even prohibited to the sick when indeed they would prove to be life savers and health builders. This indictment is based on my experience with patients who were forbidden to touch any raw fruit or raw vegetable. Why? There is a popular belief that raw fruits and raw vegetables are ‘gas form- ing.’ These vital foods cannot form gas. When the body is charged with excessive wastes, some of these wastes are broken down into gaseous com- pounds, and the body attempts to eliminate them through the stomach, through the bowels, through the skin, through the lungs.

“Sick people should be taught these facts about health and disease. Fresh raw fruits and raw veg- etables act as vehicles, to carry out some fluid and other kinds of wastes from the system, provided that everything else in the management and care of the sick body is done correctly.

“People are given cancer phobias by educa- tional cancer agencies, as well as by their physi- cians and surgeons. They should be educated, that in a healthy body there cannot be any cancer! The body must be a veritable cesspool or sewer full of excretion before cancer signs are apparent.

“Dogs are often affected by the same diseases that carnivorous humans are. They get blind from cataracts. They get high blood pressure because of hardening of the arteries. They get cancer be- cause they become saturated, to excess, with tis- sue wastes. To be sure, the dog is more fortunate because he is not a victim of tobacco smoking, coffee drinking, liquor drinking, overwork, and overfatigue—all of which are factors contributing to cancer as a disease of mankind in our civiliza- tion. Men and women of our time are subjected to wear and tear in the course of earning their daily bread. Physical overstrain and the conventional palliatives—liquor, tea, coffee, tobacco—contrib- ute toward the causative factors of cancer . .

“It is difficult to restore the body of a patient who has one or both breasts amputated. In many instances the individual patient is demoralized be- cause of the surgical disfigurement. Those whose internal organs have been operated upon are in most instances even more difficult to treat and to make comfortable.

“In internal surgery, very radical and drastic changes are brought about by the disconnecting of blood vessels, nerve structures, and other struc- tures besides the actual extirpation of parts of or- gans or entire organs. A person who has had one- third, one-half, or two-thirds of his stomach re- moved because of ‘cancer’ has a very miserable time in eating and trying to feel comfortable after food.

“Any stomach case that manifests cancer symptoms is entitled to a rigid diet that would consist of strained freshly made raw vegetable juices and raw fruit juices. A month to three months of such a diet, administered with skill, would tend to regenerate the stomach and make the entire body better. The sick are entitled to this type of treatment. It is high time that the profes- sional made use of the “wonder drug” that food can be!

“Cancer patients in the terminal stages are of- ten found to suffer from spontaneous fractures of the bones. They also waste away. . .

“The sick should not be fed dead animal mat- ter as food. In the all-powerful medical world, the sick are being fed on dead animal matter as food. ..

“Dr. Duncan Bulkley, who for forty years or

“Dr. J.H. Tilden, also a pioneer in the medical field, who practiced during the years 1866 to 1939, went beyond Dr. Bulkley in putting his cancer pa- tients on an initial fast, which was followed with a diet of mainly raw fruits and raw vegetables.

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