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Alternate Cancer Remedies

vegetables, makes a fine, palatable, nourishing soup or stew. Lentils may also be mixed with brown rice and cooked as a hearty tissue-build- ing and energy-yielding main course for dinner or supper.

ripens above the ground.

Eggs must be forbidden in the cancer diet be- cause they are high in sulphur content, and the cancer patient is already charged with too much sulphur waste.

“Other foods that combine well with starches, such as those mentioned above for the noon meal, as well as for the evening meal, are a glass of raw vegetable juice or fresh raw fruit for dessert. Fresh fruit is always superior to stewed prunes or stewed figs or stewed apples.

“Raw vegetable juice may also be given to the cancer patient between meals—once or twice a day. Even up to four glasses of raw vegetable juice a day may be taken with benefit, and also two glasses of freshly made fruit juice. Watery beverages are really not as important.

“Sometimes watery fluids are contraindicated. When a cancer patient has involvement of the liver or kidneys or the lymphatic system, there may be a tendency toward fluid retention within the body tissues. Under such conditions the diet has to be specially worked out. It must exclude foods made with water. There are some vegetables and fruits which have the property of extracting fluids that are retained within the liver substance and within other parts of the body. These foods are fresh raw pineapple and green squash! These are the best diuretic foods, which means that these two foods have the power to extract retained fluids from the liver and other parts of the body. This I found in my clinical studies of very difficult problems of cancer and other diseases, in which fluid reten- tion was one of the complications.

“Green squash and fresh raw pineapple are wholesome foods that can be used even when there is no special complication. Any food that has cura- tive properties also has preventive properties.

“Now for a few words about milk in relation to the cancer problem. Some patients cannot take milk; their mouths feel sour and bitter after milk. Buttermilk may be tried; this type of cultured milk products are really forms of synthetic vegetables— the cow makes milk from grains and grasses! Milk is therefore a wholesome food for invalids when they have an appetite for it and have no bad reac- tion from it. When milk is not well-tolerated, it may be left alone. Balanced nutrition, weight gain- ing, or the prevention of the loss of weight can be accomplished with a fruit-vegetarian diet that is planned according to the above suggested outline.

“It is always desirable to give the patient two steamed vegetables, in addition to a starchy food, for dinner and supper. One may be a root vegetable, such as carrots or beets, and one may be a green vegetable or some other kind that

“Some cancer patients also have a history of skin disease of one kind or another. Psoriasis is often found accompanying cancer. This disease cannot be cured with the ordinary diet that in- cludes meat and eggs and fatty foods. A person who suffers from psoriasis must live for months on fruit juices and raw vegetable juices, plus a little rice and lentils and one or two green vegetables a day.

“This is the way I found that cancer patients can get better and live in comfort in many in- stances. The cancer patient has everything to gain by breaking away from conventional hodgepodge eating and taking up the vegetarian-fruitarian diet that is rich in raw vegetable juices, raw fruit juices, and properly steamed vegetables.

“Food must also be taken within the limits of comfort and not because it may do some good. Occasional fasts are always a boon to the sick, particularly those who suffer from cancer.

“Here is a sample 21-day meal schedule. Keep in mind that it is only a sample. There are many other meal schedules; some which are distinctly different. Adaptations might have to be made for the condition of the patient, the type of malignancy he has, etc. He might be allergic to store-bought grape juice, etc. Of course, other things must be done each day, in addition to meals (water drink- ing, enemas or good bowel movements, abun- dant rest, baths, exercise or massage, etc.).

Here is this 21-day meal schedule. It would, of course, have to be adapted to the individual:

Day 1 - On the first day or two, have a total food fast. (You will repeat this fast for 1 to 2 days in forthcoming weeks.) Macrophages and lympho- cytes are the most active and effective in fighting cancer cells after fasting.

Day 2 - Drink 16 ounces of fresh grape juice (canned, if necessary) 3 times a day. It is best to dilute the juice.

Day 3 - Switch to 16 ounces of fresh carrot juice, 3 times a day.

Day 4 - Use grape juice at breakfast and sup- per and carrot juice at dinner.

Days 5 to 10 - Grape juice at breakfast, plus any kind of raw fruit. Carrot juice at supper, plus any kind of raw vegetables.

Days 11 to 15 - Begin adding stewed or canned fruit to the fruit meal menu and steamed vegetables to the vegetable menu. Serve hot. Use

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