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Alternative Cancer Remedies

Important: Read This First

There is no such thing as a cancer cure. There never has been one, there never will be one. A “cure” means there is certainty that the disease is gone.

eryday, she poured half a cup of vegetable oil onto her salads.

Just little things, like not enough magnesium and too much oil; but it all adds up.

Then why was this book written? It was prepared to help scientists and researchers devise ways to move us closer to solutions to the cancer problem.

But there are “remedies” for cancer! There are lots of them! Purported remedies of all kinds. You will find a remarkable number described in fair detail in this book. Why are they provided here? So medical investigators can wander through the halls of this labyrinth of possi- bilities—and, hopefully, someday provide us with official government approval of a tech- nique that really does accomplish the task.

There is no cure for cancer. It is larger than any remedy. It is the result of a way of life, seri- ous deficiencies which can vary for each person, a variety of environmental food poisons.

No remedy can be devised which solves all the problems. No claimed system of treatment in this book (over 50 are listed in Part Two) in- cludes all the preventive factors (of which over two hundred are listed in Part One).

There is no place where you can buy the com- plete system. There is no package containing them. There is no doctor dispensing them.

The cancer problem, its length, its depth, its recoverability, is part of a person’s way of life.

What does this book do? It leads the re- searcher to lots of problems, and points them toward many helpful factors. It also provides everyone else with ideas to help prevent can- cer in the first place.

The many formulas (methods used in the past to eliminate cancer) are provided to help simplify the researchers’ work. For the same rea- son, lists of addresses of various alternative can- cer organizations are given at the back, so re- searchers can find sources of supplies and ad- ditional formulas. Through those addresses, they can also locate physicians, primarily outside of America, who are regularly working with alter- native remedies. Rather than fighting one an- other, let us get our heads together—and solve these problems!

But this book will also be fascinating to historians and students of medical lore. The amount of controversy—and downright war— which has taken place in the cancer field is unbelievable. It is a fascinating subject.

The cancer problem is the result of the total life of an individual; and each individual has flaws, needs, and problems unlike those of any- one else.

We recently heard of a nationally known in- dividual who privately tried all types of natural diets, etc., but it was not until he added magne- sium, in still larger amounts, that he had remis- sion from cancer. —Yet magnesium is only one of dozens of possible factors! Everyone is differ- ent!

Then there is the Christian mother who, en- countering cancer, became something of an ex- pert in vitamins, minerals, juices, and green drinks. Yet she died. We later learned that, ev-

Are any of these treatments successful? That is a question to be pondered by the students of history and solved by the medical researchers for whom this book was particularly written for.

In PART ONE of this book you will find an extensive listing of information which earlier research has shown, in laboratory and clini- cal studies, to be preventive and reduction factors.

In PART TWO are the remedial systems, each one frequently claiming to be the answer to cancer. Are they really cures? Hardly. By far the greater number are narrowed programs: A single chemical, a combination of three or four

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