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Specific Systems of Treatment


cancer, and the pau d’arco eliminated the cancer.

So Santi took some back home to Sao Paulo and treated his brother with it. He did it, using the formula he had been taught by the natives:

He boiled the bark in grape juice, and then mixed it with orange juice. Then he had his brother drink it on an empty stomach. As simple as that.

Soon the cancer was gone. Then another Brazilian physician, Prats Ruiz, reported the successful treatment of three cases of leukemia with pau d’arco tea (A. De Mont- morency, Spotlight, June 8, 1981).

The wood had first been noted by researchers because it had anti-malaria factors. This is due to the fact that its most active ingredient, lapachone, is a quinone-like NDGA—the same active ingre- dient in chaparral (nordihydroguaiaretic acid). Lapachone is generally called lapachol.

made in the diet. Naessens’ theory was that additional nitrogen would strengthen the body to overcome the cancer.

Dr. Naessens was a Frenchman who, in the 1950s, developed a treatment for leukemia. He called it Anablast. His treatment angered certain French government agencies, and he was forced to leave. Settling first in Corsica, and then in French Quebec, Canada, he developed a micro- scope that was said to have a much better resolu- tion than regular microscopes. Like Rife and Gre- gory, using it, Naessens made some unusual dis- coveries.

He claimed to have found “somatids” or “el- ementary particles endowed with movement and possessing a variable life cycle of many forms.” Rife had also found that some very small life forms could change shape, in accordance with healthful or unhealthful conditions in the body. (See the sec- tion, later in this book, entitled Pleomorphisms.)

Early tests revealed lapachol was effective against leukemia. It has been theorized that lapachol is such a powerful anti-cancer factor because it interferes with normal cellular en- ergy production and normal cellular respiration within the tumor. Because cancers grow so fast, they waste away when their energy source is removed.

Keep in mind that Lapachol is not pau d’arco, but an extraction of its most active chemical compound. Lapachol has been found to dan- gerously slow blood clotting (by interfering with vitamin K metabolism), when given in large enough doses to kill tumors. It also causes ane- mia. A safe dosage of lapachol has not been de- termined because of the anemia and slowed clot- ting produced.

But the natural form, pau d’arco tea, ap- pears to have no severe side effects. However, keep in mind that the tea has not been studied extensively. This is because an herb tea cannot be patented and therefore sold at a great profit. So only common folk want to bother with it.

The treatment used in Brazil, by the nation- als, for cancer and other diseases is this: They take 1 or more 8-ounce glasses of pau d’arco tea each day.

But Naessens went a step further: He claimed that the change began when inanimate particles were transformed into living cells. This, of course, could not be true. Louis Pasteur had disproved the theory of “spontaneous generation” decades earlier. “Only life from life” is a truism which will never be violated. All living forms come from liv- ing forms, which ultimately came from God at Creation.

Naessens eventually produced a chemical compound, consisting of camphor and nitro- gen. He said that, when this was injected into the lymph system of cancer patents, it would bring nitrogen to cancer cells—thus eliminat- ing them.

His treatment, which Naessens calls 714X, consists of three consecutive series of 21 days of injections of nitrogen-rich camphor and or- ganic salts directly into the lymphatic system.

Naessens says he developed it when he ob- served that cancer cells require and use up a lot of nitrogen, often stealing it from healthy cells. In order to do this, he says, cancer cells excrete a poisonous compound called co-can- cerogenic K factor (CKF), which paralyzes the immune system, allowing the cancer cells to draw the needed nitrogen from the healthy cells.

____________________ GASTON NAESSENS, M.D., 1950s

Note to researchers: Naessens’ injections of nitrogen-rich camphor and organic salts, directly into the lymphatic system, were said to have produced positive results in treating leuke- mia. Additional research should be carried out, in order to ob- tain the most definitive results.

Working Summary: One would not expect that nitrogen alone could accomplish so much. No nutritional changes were

According to his theory, while the 714X ni- trogen is feeding the cancer cells, the poison- ous K factor is not being excreted by them,— and the immune system is able to recover itself and attack and destroy the cancer cells.

He also maintains that, injecting the 714X into the lymph system “liquefies” the lymph, so it can more easily flush out toxins. He claims 714X has no known side effects, and that it can also be used as an adjunct to other treatments.

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