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Alternate Cancer Remedies

Naessens believes, as do many other scien- tists, that some cells in the body develop can- cerous characteristics everyday. If the immune system can overcome them, they are eliminated.

0.50 ml.

714X—Centre d’Orthobiologie, Somatidienne de l’Estrie (C.O.S.E.), 5270 Fontaine, Rock For- est, Quebec J1N 3B6, Canada Ph: (819) 564-7883

Naessens theorizes that the fermentative me- tabolism of cancer cells requires high levels of ni- trogen. He says those cells are “cancer traps,” and that, as those cells are forming, they emit a sub- stance, which he calls the “K factor,” which pro- tects them from the immune system.

The 714X is a derivative of camphor, with an extra nitrogen molecule attached, and must be injected into the lymphatic area in the groin. Vaporizing at body temperature, it is absorbed by the lymph nodes—and supplies the needed nitrogen to keep the immune system strong. Al- though most doctors and nurses do not know how to give this injection, Naessens teaches his patients how to do it at home.

In May 1989, Naessens underwent a criminal trial by the Quebec Medical Corporation of Physi- cians, but was acquitted. The problem was that Naessens had such a large number of documented recoveries and witnesses in abundance, the jury refused to convict him of any crime.

Today his formula is still available in Canada, Mexico, and western Europe.

On June 8-9, 1991, an international sympo- sium on Gaston Naessen’s work was held. Over 150 scientists from many professional fields con- verged in the small town of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. This awakened the interest of still more physicians around the world, who began using 714X on their cancer patients. (See C. Bird, The Persecution and Trial of Gaston Naessens.)

____________________ H. RAY EVERS, M.D., 1960s

Note to researchers: Individual aspects of the Evers’ therapy have been said to show some success in treating cancer. What would happen if these various aspects could be combined in a testing situation?

Working Summary: Evers’ eclectic approach borrowed a variety of techniques from others; he apparently developed noth- ing new.

Dr. Evers’ treatment was based on a variety of factors: nutrition, hyperbaric oxygen, the Koch vaccination, and an antioxidant chelation therapy. He also used something called “magnetic field therapy.” Laetrile, shark cartilage, and other items rounded out the program, which, af- ter Evers’ death in 1990 at the age of 77, is car- ried on at his International Medical Center in El Paso, Texas and Jurez, Mexico, by Francisco Soto, M.D.

Oddly enough, he sometimes performed biop- sies during examinations of patients.

Evers was one of the few to use a broader spec- trum of alternative cancer remedies.

____________________ H.L. NEWBOLD, M.D., 1960s

Note to researchers: The research of Newbold and others needs to be expanded and brought to the attention of the medi- cal community at large: Vitamin A is a powerful adjunct in elimi- nating cancer.

It appears that there are all kinds of success- ful cancer remedies, waiting for investigation by scientific researchers.

Working Summary: Research into vitamin A and beta-caro- tene opened up an important avenue of cancer treatment. The information contained here is available to everyone.

On June 24, 1993, U.S. Congressman Berkley Bedell, of Iowa, defended Naessens’ treatment be- fore a U.S. Senate subcommittee. He attributes his recovery from prostate cancer to 714X.

Here is information on the dosage of 714X: A daily injection of the serum must be made daily via the lymphatic system. It is best to give it into the right inguinal lymph node. The in- jection must be given very slowly, at a rate of 0.5 ml in 15-20 minutes.

Three series of 21 injections are given, with a 3-day rest between series (21 days, rest 3 days, 21 days, rest 3 days, 21 days). Following this, booster shots are given from time to time, ac- cording to the need of the patient.

Here is the 21-day formula: First day - 0.10 ml / second day - 0.20 ml / third day - 0.30 ml / fourth day - 0.40 ml / fifth to twenty-first day -

The scientific community gradually aroused to the fact that vitamin A was a powerful cancer foe. In some respects the full awakening still has not yet fully arrived—even though a remarkable amount of research on selected cancer topics, has shown vitamin A to be remarkably capable of over- coming the killer.

Bernard Peyrilhe (1735-1804), professor of chemistry at the Ecole Sante and professor-royal at the College of Surgery in Paris, did in-depth research into cancer about 200 years ago.

Winner of a 1773 prize from the Academy of Lyon on the subject, “What Is Cancer?” he advo- cated the use of carrot juice in the treatment of cancer (!). Can you imagine, carrot juice recom- mended for cancer over 200 years ago—yet, to- day, few seem to be aware of its remarkable value.

Carrot juice is one of the best sources of pro-

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