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Specific Systems of Treatment


than a large old home with a quiet library-like atmosphere.

“There was a fellow sitting at the desk read- ing a book. There wasn’t anybody running around in white coats and masks or nurses in white stockings pushing oxygen tanks or other medical equipment around; nor long forms to fill out with medical history or health records or health insurance. In fact, no one seemed to be the least bit anxious about the state of our health.

“Ann Wigmore came down from her quarters on the fifth floor to greet us. Again, no inter- view, no questions about our complaints, just congenial concern that we be placed in the right room, that we be made comfortable, that we be made aware of the meal schedule (no menus to choose from) rather than the thing that was heavy on our minds, our serious problem with cancer.

“I found out later why she did not show the concern I was looking for; she felt that I would get better if I stayed and really followed through on her program. So she was more concerned with making us comfortable.

he devised in 1964.

Because the tumor was close to the surface, he could tell by its size how it was doing. First, at his mother’s suggestion, he adopted a healthy, vegetarian diet. This greatly helped. Then, he went on raw foods, and that helped even more. Then he took digestive enzymes, and found that large doses of pancreatic enzymes helped even more.

Having solved his own problem, he began tell- ing his dental patients about it—and more people were helped. But he found that some could not tolerate a total raw food diet.

The cancer method formulated by Dr. Kelley parallels the Gerson program in a number of ways. It is very possible that he used a variation of that approach.

Kelley placed an emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables, plus liver detoxification via coffee enemas.

But Kelley had two aspects which Gerson lacked, or at least, does not emphasize: sizeable amounts of raw meat in certain diets and excess amounts of almonds each day:

“We were assigned a room on the fourth floor. Our luggage went up in the elevator. We walked up. The elevator was very small, and it is one of Ann Wigmore’s rules that everyone always walks ..

“No one there was to be taking any medica- tion of any kind. This eliminated my autogenous vaccine, the BCG, the gamma globulin, the vi- tamins and the food supplements. I couldn’t help but wonder, ‘Am I signing my own death warrant? Can I get back on these fast enough if this doesn’t work?’ ”—Eydie Mae with Chris Loeffler, How I Conquered Cancer Naturally, 65-64.

It would seem that the juicing and immediate drinking of raw vegetable juices would produce the same results, with far less work, than growing wheat to the young grass stage, and then juicing it.

Ann Wigmore Foundation. 196 Common- wealth Ave., Boston, MA 02116 Ph: (617) 267- 9424

____________________ WILLIAM D. KELLE , D.D.S., 1964

“Raw almonds are a very good source of pro- tein and should be used as directed 10 almonds at breakfast and 10 almonds at lunch!” —Wil- liam Kelley, One Answer to Cance , 11. Kelley’s program included metabolic typing in order to provide a patient-specific dietary program. He also used neurological stimulation by means of chiropractic adjustments. Vitamin, mineral, and enzyme supplements formed a part of his program. Kelley eventually added meat to the diets of some of the patients.

Until 1977, the Merck Medical Manual, con- sidered to be the standard of medical practice, rec- ommended coffee enemas as a useful method of detoxification and relief of constipation. Yet Kelley’s critics focused on coffee enemas as the primary flaw in his approach.

Kelley was eventually taken to court for prac- ticing medicine without a license. A federal judge ordered him to never again give anyone directions to the remission of cancer. Since that event, Kelley refuses to speak to anyone about the subject. (His book, One Answer to Cance , was published in 1969.)

Note to researchers: This variant of the Gerson program should be candidly tested for its possible value in producing cancer remission.

Working Summary: Kelley stumbled upon what natural healers a century earlier clearly recognized: A good diet is at the center of disease prevention and treatment.

Dr. Kelley was a dentist who claimed to have healed himself of pancreatic cancer with a therapy

Kelley’s work is carried on today (in the 1990s) by a Sloan-Kettering trained oncologist, Nicholas Gonzales, M.D., in New York City. While still in medical school, Gonzales first learned of Kelley’s work. Visiting him, he was amazed at the exten- sive, detailed records of recoveries from advanced, metastic cancer—which had survived 10 years or more.

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