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herbs, or a special procedure is touted as the final solution. Yet the narrowed therapies gener- ally do not provide long-term recoveries.

The problem is that the systems in Part Two generally omit the factors listed in Part One. In addition, most of the systems ignore the best of the other systems. As a result the patient’s entire way of life is not radically al- tered.

Yet, in research laboratories, men and women continue to search for that single magic bullet which will wipe out the malignant plague.

  • We plead with the researchers, physi-

cians, and cancer organizations to finally start putting the pieces in the remedy puzzle to- gether! The solution is not in just finding more pieces.

Let us bring together the abundance of facts that we already have. It is the belief of the present writer that the researcher will find many of those factors in this book.


the nation, work hard, and make it more pros- perous.

It is the fervent wish of the author, that this will help many maintain good health for a longer period of time.

  • Vance Ferrell


Certain abbreviations appear in this book: ACS = The American Cancer Society FDA = The Food and Drug Administration NCI = The National Cancer Institute NIH = The National Institutes of Health SKI = The Sloan-Kettering Institute for Can- cer Research AMA = American Medical Association OTA =Office of Technology Assessment


WARNING: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TREAT YOURSELF! You are to be advised that a va- riety of governmental agencies recommend against your attempting to do this.

Having said that, although this is not a self-help recovery book, it can, with great profit, be used as a means of prevention. You will find the nutritional and lifestyle informa- tion in Part One to be of special value.

Carefully read through its pages, reread them and glean out ideas which you can use to im- prove your health! Efforts to improve your physical health and stamina are recommended by every government agency in the land. They want strong, healthy citizens who can strengthen

Other less frequent abbreviations in- clude: AAAS = The American Association for the Advancement of Science CCS = The California Cancer Society HEW = The U.S. Department of Health, Edu- cation, and Welfare (which more recently has been split into other departments) MSKCC = The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center USDA = The U.S. Department of Agriculture USDHHS = The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services NAS = The National Academy of Sciences

Caution: The information presented in these chapters is not to be used in any manner in the non-professional treatment of cance , nor should people with cancer attempt to undertake any of these methods. The material which follows is meant solely as a first step in the education process concerning cancer.

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