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Specific Systems of Treatment


double-strength chaparral tablets, some Comfrey- Plus tablets (both sold by Nature’s Way), and some Nectar D’Or Liquid Minerals. This was the formula he devised: “Start with 3 of the large tablets of chaparral 3 times daily. Take 3 Comfrey Plus tablets 3 times daily. Take 1 or 2 tablespoons of Nectar D’Or with any juice of your choice 3 times daily. Four days later increase the chaparral tablets to 4 tablets 3 times daily. Four days after that increase the chaparrel to 5 tablets 3 times daily. Continue to use the Comfrey Plus tablets and Nectar D’Or the same. Keep dosages of chapar- ral at the maximum amount for the duration of the 30 days. Take the tablets with the meals either just before, during or after. The large chaparral tablets can go down easily with other food that has been chewed or may also be swal- lowed easily with a spoonful of apple sauce if you have a problem.”

including cancer.

It is theorized that part of the reason NDGA is so powerful is because it destroys free radicals in the body, and they tend to produce tumor formation.

NDGA appears to be less useful for breast can- cer than for certain others.

At low doses, NDGA can actually stimulate cancer growth (!), and higher doses begin to produce tumor regression.

There is a report of a woman who took 15 chaparral tablets a day to eliminate breast cancer, and was later admitted to a hospital for liver dam- age. She recovered completely from the liver dam- age. The FDA says there have been four reported cases of liver toxicity from it. Details of the cases are not known.

Chaparral can cause nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain.

At this point, you may begin wondering how a horrible-smelling substance, chaparral, could pos- sibly reduce tumor size. It is an interesting fact that, out in the desert, chaparral secretes a sub- stance which prevents plant seeds (including many of its own) from germinating on the nearby ground. The earth will be completely bare of plants near each bush. A number of different plants excrete such substances, including the black walnut. These substances are strong growth-inhibitors! As such, they might have tu- mor-reduction factors in them. You will recall that a number of other researchers have sought for sub- stances which would slow cancer growth (Wachtel with his posterior pituitary extract, Durovic, with his Krebiozen from “lumpy jaw,” and Cameron, with his vitamin C cell cement, etc.).

What Mr. Farr found out in the desert was a natural growth inhibitor. He used tea made from the whole leaf and stem.

So questions remain about chaparral. But it has apparently been used effectively for years in combination with other herbs, in the revised Hoxsey formula, as well as others. It is also part of the Jason Winters formula.

(Also see Pau d’arco, which contains the same active chemical, yet is safer to take: page 81.)

____________________ JOSEPH GOLD, M.D., 1968

Note to researchers: How does hydrazine sulfate work to block enzymes, thus enabling cancer cells to be shrunk? Careful field testing of hydrazine sulfate on advanced malignancy cases needs to be done. In connection with this, study the reports of the Syracuse Cancer Research Institutes, in the 1970s, and the human clinical testing which occurred at UCLA in Los Angeles shortly afterward.

Working Summary: Gold did something clever: He just blocked a single liver enzyme from working—and that caused the cancer to die from starvation! The substance he used is still available.

But he did not change his lifestyle—and prob- ably continued chewing snuff which probably brought on the cheek and neck cancer! So the can- cer later returned.

NDGA, the most active agent in chaparral, is now known to have a wide range of anti-cancer properties and is relatively nontoxic. Drs. Dean Burk and Mark Woods calls it “the penicillin of quinones” (NDGA is chemically related to quinine, the anti-malarial drug); for they found it to be one of the most potent agents for destroying the me- tabolism of tumors. They found that it produced almost complete inhibition of anaerobic and aerobic processing of glucose in cancer cells!

The Indians of the Southwest take chaparral tea to prevent and treat a wide variety of diseases,

You will recall Dr. Koch’s work in the 1920s. He had discovered that sugar oxidation was a key factor in cancer formation. He worked on the premise that, if the sugars could be oxidized, the cancer would be reduced. More oxygen was needed at the site of the tumor, in order to eliminate it.

Then we noted Dr. Warburg’s work in 1930. He came upon the same principle, and expanded on it. Warburg recognized that a key was to get more oxygen to the cancer cell. Warburg had found that normal cells require oxygen in order to live, but cancer cells die in the presence of oxygen.

In 1968, Dr. Joseph Gold, of Syracuse, New York, published a scientific paper in which he pro- posed a new departure for cancer chemotherapy (Joseph Gold, “Proposed Treatment of Cancer by Inhibition of Gluconeogenesis,” Oncology, 22:185-

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