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Alternate Cancer Remedies

discoveries concerned abscisic acid. This is a natural substance present in many foods. She found that it neutralized the HCG. This means that it should have anti-cancer effects in the body.

Abscisic acid is very difficult and expensive to purify, so you are not likely to be able to afford it in tablet or capsule form.

But it is very common in many healthful foods. Abscisic acid is chemically similar to vi- tamin A, and is probably another vitamin. It is plentiful in plant foods. Animal experiments showed it to be a powerful anti-cancer agent. She discussed it in her 1977 book, Food Alive.

After her retirement, Dr. Livingston’s work con- tinued to be carried on by other physicians. Using the Livingston vaccine, they noted shrinkage or disappearance of tumors, as well as complete remissions in patients with lymphocytic leuke- mia and malignant lymphoma (Townsend Letter for Doctors, May 1987).

Neil Nathan, M.D., carried on her work at the Livingston Foundation in San Diego, California, for a time. He said the success of the treatment depends on whether or not the cancer has me- tastasized or they have received chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. If they have, there is only a 40-50% success rate; but if not, there is 70-95% success rate. But in terminal patients, with wide metastasis, the rate drops to 20%.

Unfortunately, in February 1990, the Califor- nia Department of Health Services issued an or- der to the Livingston Foundation Medical Center Clinic, in San Diego, to stop administering and prescribing the autogenous vaccine. By that time, it was the only place which still offered the Livingston therapy.

That same year, Dr. Livingston died. Since then, the clinic has remained open. Pa- tients are treated with vaccines based on PC cul- tures, together with the diet and other aspects of the program. But the autogenous vaccine is no longer given.

Here is the address of the clinic: Livingston Therapy—Livingston Foundation Medical Center, 3232 Duke Street, San Diego CA 92110 Ph: (619) 224-3515

Abscisic acid is a plant dormancy hormone and vitamin A analog found in plants; it has pro- found anti-cancer activity. Abscisic acid is a caro- tenoid factor and is especially found in green leafy vegetables. Here is a list of foods contain- ing abscisic acid. It comes from Livingston’s book, Food Alive:

Fruits Mangoes Grapes Avocados Pears Oranges, with the white underpeel and pulps Apples, whole with the seeds Strawberries

Fruit Blossoms and Leaves as Tea Peach Flowers Strawberry Leaves Cherry Flowers Apple Blossoms

Vegetables Pea shoots Lima Beans Potatoes Peas, Dwarf Yams Sweet Potatoes Asparagus Tomatoes Onions Spinach

Root Vegetables All root vegetables, especially Carrots

Seeds and Nuts Seeds and Nuts of all Kinds

Leafy vegetables Mature Greens

____________________ F. JOSEPH MONTAGNA, 1970s

Note to researchers: Double-blind tests should be conducted on Montagna’s herbal formula, in order to ascertain its possible value. If his formula can actually inhibit cancer, it could save lives at a low expense.

Working Summary: Montagna put together 22 herbs and began treating disease with them. Apparently he had success, for attempts were made to stop his work.

In the mid-1970s, F. Joseph Montagna of Port- land, Oregon, developed an herbal formula which, he claimed, produced about an 80% success against cancer. But we have no information on how long such remission generally lasted.

It would be well for medical researchers to check out his claims and see if they are worth any- thing.

Here, in his own words, was Montagna’s for- mula:

  • A.


    • 1.

      Chaparral leaves. Dissolves malignant


2. Bloodroot. Purifies and cleanses blood- stream.

3. Red clover blossoms. Antidote to can-

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