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3.4 Hydraulic

3.4.1 Hydraulic pressure is limited to 3000psi.

3.4.2 Hydraulic fluid storage tanks must be of a suitable material.

3.4.3 Hydraulic fluid lines and fittings must be U.L. Approved (or similar) specification.  The lines must be routed to minimize the chances of being cut.

3.5 Pneumatic

3.5.1 Pneumatic pressure is limited to 1000psi.

3.5.2 i) Pressure bottles/vessels/reservoirs must be of an acceptable type - i.e. commercially manufactured to contain gas at pressure and have a current valid test certificate.  The pressure used must not exceed the manufacturer’s specifications.

ii) If the reservoir is not of such a commercial type, it must be certified to confirm that it will safely contain the appropriate pressure.

3.5.3 Pneumatic lines and fittings must be U.L. Approved or similar specification.  The lines must be routed to minimize the chances of being cut.

3.5.4 All gases in pneumatic systems must be inert or non-inflammable - e.g. air, carbon dioxide (CO2), argon (Ar), or nitrogen (N2).

3.5.5 i) All gas bottles/reservoirs and the values/regulators must be contained within the body of the Robot to protect them from puncture.

ii) The bottle/reservoir must be securely fastened down and the valve/regulator - unless adequately protected by the bodywork - must have an adequate strap or cage over it.

3.5.6 A pressure relief/safety value must be fitted on the high-pressure side of the circuit set at 1000psi.  (A diaphragm valve may also be used.)

3.5.7 The pneumatic system must be capable of being vented without removal of fittings.


4.1All pyrotechnics (see 4.2); explosives; flames; firearms; corrosives; liquids; electronic devices - e.g. radio jamming; heat-guns; Tesla coils are banned.

4.2Small non-offensive pyrotechnics - e.g. flash puffs - MAY be allowed at the Organizer’s discretion.

4.3 Devices using inflammable or combustion-supporting gases are banned.

4.4 i) Untethered projectiles are not allowed.

ii) Tethered projectiles are allowed, but the tether may not exceed 8ft (2.44 meters) in length, (measured from the center of the Robot to the tip of the projectile).

4.5 The speed of any rotating weapons - e.g. circular saws, carbon or steel cutting discs - must not exceed the manufacturer’s specification.  The manufacturer’s specification must be available for inspection.

4.6 Rotating hardened steel blades that may shatter are not allowed.

4.7 Commercial blades - e.g. bayonets - must not exceed 8in (20cm) in length.

US Rules&Regs, 1/3/01

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