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4.8 All sharp edges of weapons, including fixed weapons - e.g. spikes - and robot bodywork in general that is sharp, MUST be fitted with adequate protection that must be in place at all times except in the arena.  (These guards are not included with the overall weight of the robot.)

4.9 i) Any moving or swinging arms - whether or not they hold sharp and/or rotating weapons - MUST be fitted with a visible locking pin that shows the arm(s) is securely locked into place.

ii) Locking pins must be painted red or have a red tag attached and MUST be in place at all times - except in the arena.  (These locking pins are not included with the overall weight.)

4.10 Self-contained weapons - e.g. IC powered cutting discs - must have a secondary restraint fitted in the event of the main fitting breaking way.

4.11 Lasers up to Class 2 (1mw) are allowed.



All Robots MUST use VHF frequency band 75MHz.


A quality set (i.e. one that uses interchangeable crystals) must be used.

5.2i) All operating circuits that are deemed to be "dangerous" (normally the drive and weapons) must have a "failsafe" device fitted to each circuit.

ii) This MUST bring that circuit to a pre-set "off" or "zero" position if the transmitter (TX) signal is lost, to prevent further operation.

iii) The fail-safes may take the form of plug-in commercial devices; electronic circuitry incorporated into some receivers - e.g. PCM-type - or other devices - e.g. Vantec speed controllers.

iv) Whichever device(s) is selected, it MUST operate to the Organizer’s satisfaction before the Robot will be allowed to compete.  (See Technical

Sheet No. 1.)

5.3At least three pairs of transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX) crystals of different frequencies must be available for each RC set up involved in running the Robot, e.g. if two separate TX/RX sets are used, there must be six different pairs of crystals available.

US Rules&Regs, 1/3/01

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