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Master of Arts in Chemistry, Emphasis in Research

To successfully complete the M.A. Program, Emphasis in Research each student must meet the following standards.

1. Meet the requirements for admission to the program.

$Passing score on qualifying examinations in three subdisciplines of chemistry content, or passing grade in corresponding undergraduate course.

2. Complete the 30-hour program of study with 3.00 GPA or higher.

$12-18 hours of graduate course work in chemistry $12 hours must be completed in courses that qualify as the research component, as defined by the departmental Graduate Committee. $0-6 hours of electives

3. Demonstrate competence in chemistry content knowledge.

$Completing written a comprehensive examination in the chemistry subdiscipline that represents the major area of study.

4. Demonstrate competence in research in chemistry.

$Completing a masters-level research project in chemistry judged to be satisfactory by the student=s faculty committee.

5. Demonstrate competence in research in chemistry or chemical education.

$Completing a research project judged to be satisfactory by the student=s faculty committee.

6. Demonstrate competence in written scholarly communication.

$Completing a written thesis on the research project that is judged to be satisfactory by the student=s faculty committee.

7. Demonstrate competence in oral scholarly communication.

$Presenting two public research seminars, each of which is independently evaluated by departmental faculty members.

Successful completion of this degree will enhance chances for professional advancement and expand employment opportunities. Further education in a Ph.D. program is also a possibility.


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