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Submitted March 15, 1990

The assessment plan for the undergraduate chemistry major is designed to ensure the congruence of the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the program's goals and objectives statement with a student's abilities, practical skills and perceptions of his/her environment upon graduation.


To ascertain the student's mastery of the concepts of the various subdisciplines of chemistry, each student will take a nationally-normed standardized test; for example, the exams administered by the Educational Testing Service, or exams in each subdiscipline written by the American Chemical Society. These exams will be taken during the spring semester of each year prior to the student's expected graduation or at the conclusion of the appropriate course. The exams will be administered at a time such that each student will receive information on his/her performance prior to graduation.

(K1, K3, K6, and K7)

Medical technology students are required to take and pass a registry exam in order to begin employment. There are two exams administered by two different accrediting agencies; the American Society of Clinical Pathologists and the National Certification Agency for Medical Laboratory Personnel. The exams are not a graduation requirement, but every student completing the clinical experience takes each exam. The medical technology students will take only the registry exam because they do not take inorganic or physical chemistry which constitute about 50% of the ETS exam. Numerical results from each exam are available to the program coordinator and will be reported to the Dean of the College or his designated body, individual results will not be reported.

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    Each graduating senior will be required to complete an interview with either the Chair of the Department or with a faculty member from another department, the choice of the student, on the completion of his or her program. The interview will give the student the opportunity to express his/her opinion about the program, in what ways the program is successful or unsuccessful in educating the student, the resources within the Department and University he/she has found the most useful, the requirements involved in various courses, and his/her plans after graduation. In addition, each graduating senior will be required to fill out a questionnaire designed to assess his/her satisfaction with the Department, the program, and the faculty. The questionnaire will be designed in portions with open-ended questions and questions which rank the answers on a numerical scale.

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    The success of our graduates in their chosen occupations will be determined by the answers to a series of questions mailed to the current addresses of the graduates. The set of addresses is maintained both within the Department and by the Alumni Association.


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