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The progress of our graduates will be monitored both one year and five years following graduation by questions such as:


What is your current employment position? or Are you enrolled graduate or professional school?


With what company/corporation are you currently employed? or In what type of graduate or professional program are you enrolled?

  • c.

    When (what year) did you graduate from UNC? Do you have any post-graduate education?

  • d.

    Which of the chemistry courses at UNC did you find the most/least useful?

  • e.

    What experiences at UNC did you find the most/least useful?

  • f.

    How does your training at UNC compare with employees or students in similar

positions in your company or institution?

(All Goals)

About 70 percent of the chemistry majors completing the program take CHEM 499 course, "Seminar and Research in Chemistry" as part of their program requirements. As part of the course requirements, students are to give oral presentations each semester and, at the conclusion of their research, to present a complete seminar and to write a research paper (thesis) on the work they have completed. The research experience typically involves a survey of the literature, often involving computerized searches, several months of laboratory investigation, interpretation of the results, and, finally, a formal presentation. All of this is done under the supervision of a faculty member. Students not taking CHEM 499 are required to have an advanced laboratory experience. This experience, although more structured than CHEM 499, does require a synthesis of previous knowledge, problem solving, and the presentation of results in both written and oral form. Student feedback is provided by both course grades and conferences between the student and the course instructor responsible.

(K1, K5, K6, K7, K8, S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, A1, and A3)

The Chemistry Department is proud to offer a Bachelor of Arts program which is accredited by the American Chemical Society. This accreditation involves a review of the entire program every five years and a report submitted to ACS every year on the number of majors graduating and the degree program they have followed. The


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