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Notes for LAWRENCE JONES: Larry Graduated from Defiance College with a degree in Education. He played High School and College Football. Larry taught Science in the Sylvania School system and coached sports. He worked as Athletic Director at North View H.S. for twenty years and was named into the Ohio Athletic Directors Hall of Fame in 2004.

1 8 . R I C H A R D E A R L 8 C H I P P S ( C L A R A A N N 7 B R A G G , D E L L A M A Y 6 B R O W N , E L I Z A B E T H J 5 H A M P T O N , R O W L A N D

H A M P T O N 4 S R . , E P H R A I M H . H A M P T O N 3 J R . , E P H R I A M H . H A M P T O N 2 S R . , A N D R E W 1 H A M P T O N ) w a s b o r n

November 06, 1921 in Sullivan, Moultrie County, Illinois, and died November 20, 1996 in Toledo, Ohio at The Toledo Hospital. He married MARIAN RUTH BUSER February 08, 1947 in Toledo, Ohio Washington Congragational Church, daughter of JACOB BUSER and ESTELLA MCINTOSH.

Notes for RICHARD EARL CHIPPS: Richard (Dick) served in WWII, in the 83rd Infantry Division, 331st Reg, "L" Company as a First Sergeant. He spent 288 days on the front line, receiving two Purple Hearts, a Bronze and a Silver Star for gallantry in action. Dick said that the war had little to do with who he was. However I believe it had a profound impact on how he chose to live his life. Dick used his V.A. Loan for his parents to buy a home on Putman. Dick worked for Ohio Bell after the war as an estimate assigner. He always answered his phone "7442 Chipps". The site of the big 20 foot diameter revolving wheel with the department binders and records near Dads desk, and the small wooden cube with family photos labeled Chipps off the old block remains vivid. At one time in the late 60's he was department head. However he gave that position up rather than purposely under rate employees on annual evaluation forms as management had requested. He retired in 1984.

Dick broke his leg in a fall on ice in January 1983, spending 16 weeks in the Hospital. It was June before he could walk with the assistance of a walker. However the first week of July found him dancing to Big Band Music with Midge, walker and all. Before the year was over, he had remodeled the basement, including installation of a drop ceiling, all before he could walk unaided. Dick was the kind of man others came to when troubled about an up coming election.

Notes for MARIAN RUTH BUSER: Most people know her as Midge. She worked at Ohio Bell, Toledo Edison, First Federal and as a Real Estate Agent.

Midge and Dick arranged to meet at the Lucas County Court House to get their Marriage Licence at lunch time. It was during an ice storm, with many power lines and tree branches down. The department official commented, "You must really want to get married coming out in this weather". Midge's father Jacob was a quiet man, not inclined to show his emotions. But during her wedding service as he gave her hand, Jacob turned and said, "Take care of her Dick, she's a good girl". Midge was almost speechless.



RICHARD EARL9 CHIPPS, b. January 31, 1950, Toledo, Ohio; m. MARGIE HOLTFRETER, September 21, 1971, Pilgrim United Church Of Christ, Toledo, Ohio.

Notes for RICHARD EARL CHIPPS: Rick works as receiving clerk at Erie Steel Treating. He was Union Safety Steward before the company forced the union out in 2004. Rick and Margie were divorced in July of 1978.

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    GREGORY NEIL CHIPPS, b. December 09, 1951, Toledo, Ohio; m. MARY LOU KNOTT, June 29, 1974, Pilgrim United Church Of Christ, Toledo, Ohio.

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    THOMAS WAYNE CHIPPS, b. December 05, 1956, Toledo, Ohio; m. ROBIN RILEY, August 24, 1985, Pilgrim United Church Of Christ, Toledo, Ohio.

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    BETH ANN CHIPPS, b. August 19, 1961, Flower Hospital, Toledo, Ohio; m. JAMES BRYWCZYNSKI, October 22, 1983, Pilgrim United Church Of Christ, Toledo, Ohio.

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