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You Have the Antidote

While some of what has been mentioned in this paper may seem like common sense, you can bet that someone in your organization will begin efforts that will put into effect at least one of these worst practices. Who can blame them when industry trade journals, the vendors, and technology consultants promote the latest technology and promise all sorts of benefits? It’s easy to get caught up in the hype.

The good news is that you are now well armed to identify and combat at least these four worst practices before they take root and grow into a strangling vine. In addition to the solutions presented in this paper, you can also use counter-intuition to the worst practices and provide yourself with a clearer path to success. Consider the following:

  • Emphasizing business-level services encourages you to think about the long term, even while deploying short-term solutions

  • Decentralizing design and development and centralizing management speeds develop- ment time and improves efficiency, while at the same time ensuring that standards are met

  • Reusing technologies already in place ensures that your business continues to run and you make use of your intellectual property

  • Using experts for support services maximizes the value of your investment and helps you to build an open architecture and identify services for reuse

These steps will deliver an end result with a clearly defined ROI. With pervasive reuse as a goal and no limit on what can be service-enabled – you are able to start small, but think big.

While these four steps can be followed regardless of your choice of SOA software, we strongly believe iWay Software will give you the appropriate blend of integration choices and the most flexible tools. All of this will allow you to build a service-oriented architecture that will help your organization achieve its business goals.


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