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Next Generation: Virtualized Environments

Oracle is introducing server virtualization within the Oracle On Demand Managed Services Grid. The introduction of virtualization in On Demand will afford Oracle the opportunity to optimize each customer’s configuration, more fully harness the capabilities of these servers, maintain the operational enhancements deployed over the last four years, and introduce new benefits. The purpose of this paper is to provide the rationale for the deployment of this technology as well as highlight how virtualization will directly benefit customers. This paper includes:

  • An introduction to server virtualization

  • Immediate and potential future benefits to customers

  • The deployment model chosen by Oracle


Server virtualization enables a single physical server to house multiple operating environments. Virtualization emulates the physical presence of a server so that more than one server, for example a Windows print server and a Linux file server, can be hosted on a single computer. Each of the software server environments is referred to as a virtual machine. Virtual machines are independent operating environments comprised of the underlying operating system and all required server software and data.

Virtual machines appear to the guest operating system as independent systems but are actually simulated by the host system. Virtualization, in effect, decouples software from the hardware on which it runs. As a result, virtualization provides a method for managing systems and resources by function rather than by locations or how they are organized.

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