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Auburn University Physics Laboratory Policy

b) No food is allowed in the lab or recitation. Drinks are permitted only if they are in a re-sealable container (i.e. a bottle with a screw on top, a water bottle with a pull out spout). Cups with a straw and lid and open cans are not considered to be re-sealable.

c) Broken or missing equipment must be reported to the lab instructor. Do not borrow equipment from another station without the permission of the lab instructor. Students will be held accountable for broken and missing equipment if it is determined that the equipment was lost or damaged due to negligence or abuse.

d) Closed shoes must be worn at all times. Open toed shoes, clogs, sandals, etc. are not permitted to be worn in the laboratory. Absolutely no bare feet allowed in the lab.

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    Horseplay, pranks, or other acts of mischief can be extremely dangerous and are prohibited in lab.

  • f)

    Report any accident, however minor, to the instructor at once.

  • g)

    Proper electrical safety must be observed in all labs involving electricity.

  • h)

    Any chemicals used during lab must be returned to the containers they were obtained from immediately after they are finished being used.

Chemicals should not be poured down the sink unless instructed to do so by your instructor.

i) Students MUST clean their benches and neatly return all lab equipment to its proper place before leaving the laboratory. Failure to properly clean up after lab may result in a reduction of the grade for the lab.

  • j)

    Cell phones should be turned off or set to a single beep and/or vibrate mode while in class.

    • 3.

      Cheating: Cases of dishonest practices discovered in the laboratories will be penalized. Because of the seriousness of these cases, it is felt

that all students should be informed and should be cautioned against indulging in any laboratory practices which may place them under suspicion. Old laboratory reports, or parts of old lab reports, will not be brought to any laboratory, regardless of whether the original work was your own performed in previous semesters or the work of someone else. The copying of data, computations, problems or write-up is regarded as cheating. Although students may conduct experiments as partners in the laboratory, the completion of computations and the writing of the report will be done on an individual basis. The student is referred to the statement on cheating in the current Tiger Cub.

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      During lab, all data will be collected and a report will be completed in a format suggested in the general instructions of the Laboratory

Manual. The report is to be handed in at the end of the lab period.

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    The graded lab reports will be returned for review during the next lab.

  • 3.

    Your Lab Instructor must initial and date your report at your workstation before you leave. Before initialing your report, the Lab Instructor

will determine that your work station is in good working order and that all equipment is accounted for. Your report will not be graded if the Lab Instructor does not initial it before you leave.



You must be simultaneously enrolled in the lecture and lab part of the course. Any student who withdraws from the course must simultaneously withdraw from the lecture and the lab.

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      There will be one report per lab, each of equal weight.

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      At the end of the semester, the low lab score will be dropped. If you missed a lab and received a zero, that will be the score that is

dropped. After the low score is dropped, the remaining scores will be averaged.


After the average is obtained, it will be reported to the course instructor as a percentage. Students should consult their course syllabus in order to further determine how their lab grade is incorporated into their overall course grade.

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