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many complex pesticide and pest control laws and regulations. This study guide was written to help you understand the laws and regulations that govern the sale and use of pesti- cides. It contains information you need to know in order to pass California’s core laws and regulations examination. You must understand these laws and regulations if you plan to become:

  • an agricultural pest control adviser

  • a qualified applicator (QAL or QAC)

  • a pest control aircraft pilot

  • a pest control dealer designated agent


In order to receive the license or certificate required by California law to conduct business in your chosen field you must pass at least two examina- tions. The first examination, “Laws, Regulations, and Basic Principles,” covers laws and regulations that pertain to pesticides and pest control opera- tions. The other examination is specific to the type of license or certificate you are seeking. You might need to pass more than one category-specific examination, depending on the work you plan to do. The Department of Pesticide Regulation’s Pest Management and Licensing Branch is responsible for administering these examinations and issuing licenses and certificates. Generally, if you use or supervise the use of a restricted material to produce

an agricultural commodity on property you control, you must hold a valid Private Applicator Certificate. You obtain this certificate by passing a certification examination administered by the local county agricultural commissioner.


This newly-revised edition of the Laws and Regulations Study Guide reflects changes in pesticide laws and regulations that have occurred until April 2001. The information in this study guide is drawn from

  • California Food and Agricultural Code: Divisions 6, 7, and 13

  • California Code of Regulations: Title 3, Division 6 (Pesticides and Pest Control Operations)

How to Use This Study Guide

At the end of each chapter of this study guide there are several review questions to test your grasp of the information presented in that chapter. These questions are the same format as the questions on the DPR examina- tions. If you have had experience with handling pesticides, you will probably be able to answer many of the ques- tions without studying the information in the chapter.

Begin your study of each chapter by reading through the review questions. Make notes of the subject material you do not fully understand. Then, review the chapter to locate the sections that

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