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deal with that information. Read those sections carefully before you review the rest of the chapter.

When you finish studying the chapter, answer each of the review questions. Check your answers with the correct answers on page 119. If you missed any of the questions, go back and reread the appropriate sections of the chapter that cover that information.

Laws and Regulations

Laws are statutes passed by the California Legislature and signed by the Governor. Most pesticide and pest control laws are found in the California Food and Agricultural Code.

Regulations are adopted by the Director of DPR after they are approved by the Office of Administrative Law, and are filed with the Secretary of State. Regulations are designed to interpret and carry out the requirements of the law. Sidebar 1 details the purposes of pesticide and pest control laws and regulations.

The county agricultural commis- sioner may adopt additional regulations applicable to his or her county. These supplement the regulations adopted by the Director of DPR and may govern the conduct of pest control operations as well as the records and reports of those operations. Each regulation adopted by a county agricultural


The Purposes of Pesticide and Pest Control Laws and Regulations

The purposes of the laws in the California Food and Agricultural Code and regulations in Title 3 of the California Code of Regulations are to

provide for the proper, safe, and efficient use of pesticides used in the production of food and fiber and the protection of public health and safety

protect the environment from environmentally harmful pesticides by prohibiting, regulating, or controlling their uses

assure that agricultural and pest control workers have safe working conditions where pesticides are present

authorize pest control and make sure that it is done by competent, responsible licensees and permittees under strict control of the Director of DPR and the county agricultural commissioners

assure applicators, consumers, and other users that the pesticides they use are properly labeled and are appropriate for the uses designated on the label

encourage the development and implementation of integrated pest management systems, stressing the integration of biological and cultural pest control techniques with the use of selective pesticides, when these are necessary, to achieve acceptable levels of control with the least possible harm to nontarget organisms and the environment

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