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Ground water contamination, resulting from normal, registered use of pesticides, can cause unreasonable risks to human health and the environment.


tion Training Program. When you use pesticides containing these chemicals in a DPR-approved pest eradication program, you do not need to obtain a restricted materials permit unless the pesticides you are using are also restricted for purposes other than ground water protection.

Specific Use Requirements

All agricultural, outdoor institu- tional, and outdoor industrial use of pesticides containing atrazine and prometon are prohibited in their PMZs. All noncrop uses of pesticides contain- ing simazine, bromacil, and diuron are prohibited in their PMZs. Use of pesticides containing bentazon has all of the following restrictions. They cannot be used

  • in Del Norte and Humboldt Counties

  • on rice

  • before April 1 or after July 31

  • on an irrigated crop unless the irrigation is applied by sprinklers

Although aldicarb is not listed in California Code of Regulations, Title 3, Section 6800(a), the use of pesticides containing aldicarb is regulated to protect ground water as follows:

  • Maximum rates are specified in the regulations.

  • No use is allowed between Septem- ber 1 and March 1.

Within norflurazon PMZs, all agricul- tural, outdoor institutional, and outdoor industrial uses of pesticides containing norflurazon are prohibited inside canal and ditch banks and in recharge areas.

Research Authorization for Ground Water Protection Chemicals

The Director of DPR may authorize specific applications of pesticides containing atrazine, simazine, bromacil, diuron, prometon, and norflurazon within a PMZ for the purpose of research or experimenta- tion. If you wish to conduct this sort of research or experimentation you must apply for approval of your project by submitting a completed “Research Authorization Pesticide Form” to the Director of DPR.

Pest Control Dealer Requirements for Ground Water Protection Chemicals

Whenever a restricted materials permit is required for the possession or use of pesticides containing atrazine, simazine, bromacil, diuron, prometon, bentazon, or norflurazon, pest control dealers must obtain a copy of the purchaser’s permit before they transact a sale. The dealer must retain these records for two years.

Before dealers sell pesticides contain- ing atrazine, simazine, bromacil, diuron, prometon, bentazon, or norflurazon, they must obtain a signed statement from the purchaser with the same (or substantially similar) wording as the sample statement in Sidebar 12. Dealers must retain these signed statements for two years.

Sales Reporting. Licensed pest control dealers must prepare and maintain records of the pesticides they sell or deliver, except those labeled

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