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agricultural commodity. an unproc- essed product of farms, ranches, nurseries, and forests (except livestock, poultry, and fish). Agricultural commodities include fruits and vegetables; grains, i.e., wheat, barley, oats, rye, triticale, rice, corn and sorghum; legumes, i.e., field beans and peas; animal feed and forage crops; rangeland and pasture; seed crops; fiber crops, i.e., cotton; oil crops, i.e., safflower, sunflower, corn, and cottonseed; trees grown for lumber and wood products; nursery stock grown commercially; Christmas trees; ornamentals and cut flowers; and turf grown commercially for sod.

Agricultural Pest Control Adviser. a person who offers a recommenda- tion on any agricultural use, who holds himself or herself as an authority on any agricultural use, or who solicits services or sales for any agricultural use.

agricultural use. the use of any pesticide or method or device for the control of plant or animal pests, or any other pests, or the use of any pesticide for the regulation of plant growth or defoliation of plants. This term excludes the sale or use of pesticides in properly labeled packages or containers that are intended for any of the following:

  • home use

  • use by structural pest control operators

  • industrial or institutional use

  • use under a veterinarian’s pre- scription (animal pests only)

  • uses by certain local districts or agencies that operate under a cooperative agreement with the California Department of Health Services, as is the case with many mosquito abatement districts

“Agricultural use” includes, but is not limited to, commercial produc- tion of animals or plants (including forest), parks, golf courses, cemeter- ies, roadsides, power line rights-of- way, and nurseries. School yards are not included within the definition of agricultural use.

apiary. includes bees, comb, hives, appliances, or colonies, wherever they are kept, located, or found.

applied to the soil or applied to the ground. means the label of a pesticide product includes terminol- ogy such as

  • soil fumigant

  • soil applied

  • soil treatment product

  • can be used as a soil drench

  • application to soil

  • inject into the soil

  • incorporate in top x inches of soil;

pre-plant incorporation

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