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  • use on soil for control of soil- borne diseases

  • surface application; band treat- ment, surface blend

  • side dressing both/one side of row and cultivate into soil

  • should be mixed uniformly into top x inches of soil

  • pre-emergent to the weed

  • broadcast to the soil

  • apply in seed furrow

assure or ensure. to take all reasonable measures so that the behavior, activity, or event in question occurs. When the behavior, activity, or event in question involves or concerns an employee, reasonable measures by an employer include determining that the employee has the knowledge to comply; providing the means to comply; supervising the work activity; and having and enforcing a written workplace disciplinary action policy covering the employer’s requirements, as well as other measures required by pesticide law or regulation.

authorized representative. a person designated in writing by the operator of the property to repre- sent the operator of the property in obtaining a restricted materials permit.

backflow. the process that permits pesticide-contaminated water to move from the mix/load, applica- tion, or other similar equipment such as a nurse tank into a well or other water source. Backflow is prevented by using on the equip- ment listed above an air gap, check valve, or other means of preventing movement of pesticide-contami- nated water into a well or other water source.

bees. honey-producing insects of the genus Apis. The term includes all life stages of these insects.

branch location. any location, other than the principal place of business, operated by a pesticide dealer or

agricultural pest control operator to carry out licensed activities in California.

carbamates. esters of N-methyl carbamic acid, which inhibit cholinesterase.

Certified Commercial Applicator. (a) a person holding a valid quali- fied applicator license issued by the Director of DPR; (b) a pilot holding a valid journeyman pest control aircraft pilot’s certificate issued by the Director of DPR; (c) a person holding a certified technician certificate issued by the Vector Biology and Control Section of the Department of Health Services; (d) a person holding a valid structural pest control operator or field representative license issued by the Structural Pest Control Board of the Department of Consumer Affairs; and (e) a person holding a valid qualified applicator certificate issued by the Director of DPR.

Certified Private Applicator. a person holding a valid private applicator certificate issued by the county agricultural commissioner (or by the Director of DPR in any county where there is no agricultural commissioner).

chemical-resistant or waterproof material. a material that allows no measurable movement of the pesticide through it during use. When a particular material is specified on the pesticide product label, personal protective equipment constructed of that material must be used.

chemigation. the application of pesticides through irrigation systems.

cholinesterase. an essential enzyme found in many living organisms, including human beings, that deactivates the chemical acetylcho- line that is responsible for transmit- ting nerve impulses between nerves and between nerves and muscles.

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