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Without proper cholinesterase activity, which allows the nerve signals to stop at the appropriate time, nerves and muscles do not function properly.

cholinesterase determination. a blood test that determines the level of active cholinesterase in the body.

chromosomal aberrations. any abnormal development of the chromosomes.

closed system. equipment for remov- ing a pesticide from its original container, rinsing the emptied container, and transferring the pesticide product, mixtures, dilutions, and rinse solutions through connecting hoses, pipes, and couplings that are sufficiently tight to prevent exposure of any person to the pesticide or rinse solution. Rinsing is not required when the pesticide is used without dilution. The system’s design and construction must meet the DPR Director’s closed system criteria.

commercial applicator. a person who uses, or supervises the use of, a pesticide for any purpose or on any property other than as provided by the definition of private applicator.

commissioner. a county agricultural commissioner.

conflict with the label. any deviation from instructions, requirements, or prohibitions of the registered label concerning storage, handling, or use except

  • a decrease in dosage rate per unit treated

  • a decrease in the concentration of the mixture applied

  • application at a frequency less than specified

  • use to control a target pest not listed on the label, provided the application is to a commodity/site listed on the label and the use of the product against an unnamed pest is not expressly prohibited


  • employing a method of applica- tion not prohibited, provided other label directions are followed

  • mixing with another pesticide or with a fertilizer, unless such mixture is prohibited

  • an increase in the concentration of the mixture applied, provided it corresponds with the current published recommendations of the University of California

continuous monitoring. the measure- ment of the air concentration of a specific pesticide on an uninter- rupted, real-time basis by instru- mental methods.

county. includes the city and county.

coverall. a one- or two-piece garment of closely-woven fabric or equiva- lent that covers the entire body, except the head, hands, and feet, and must be provided by the employer as personal protective equipment. Coverall differs from, and should not be confused with, work clothing that can be required to be provided by the employee.

display. to make information available to the employee so that he or she may readily see and read the document, during normal business hours, without having to make a specific request of any person. An employee shall not be hindered or impeded from examining docu- ments required to be displayed. This definition does not preclude using a binder or filing cabinet, that otherwise meets these criteria, to contain documents for display.

DNA. deoxyribonucleic acid. DNA is found in the nucleus of all living cells; when bound together, DNA determines an individual’s heredi- tary characteristics.

early entry. entry into a treated field or other area after the pesticide application is complete, but before the restricted-entry interval or other restrictions on entry for that pesticide have expired.

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