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agricultural plant commodity. The term includes polyhouses, mush- room houses, rhubarb houses, and similar structures.

ground-based application equipment. equipment such as

  • hand sprayers

  • backpack sprayers

  • air-blast sprayers

  • field soil injection equipment

  • dusters

  • drills

  • granular applicators

  • ground-rig sprayers

ground water protection advisory. a written statement that contains advice for the use of a pesticide containing a chemical listed in California Code of Regulations, Title 3, Section 6800(a) in its respective Pesticide Management Zone(s) and includes the informa- tion listed in California Code of Regulations, Title 3, Section 6557.

hand labor. any cultural activity, performed by hand or with hand tools, that causes substantial contact with surfaces (such as plants or soil) that may have pesticide residues. These activities include hand harvesting, detasseling, thinning, hand weed- ing, topping, planting, sucker removal, pruning, disbudding, roguing, and packing produce into containers in the field. Hand labor does not include operating, moving, or repairing irrigation equipment or performing the duties of a crop advisor, field checker, or scout, making observations of the well- being of the plants, or taking samples.

handle. includes mixing, loading, transferring, applying (including chemigation), or assisting with the application (including flagging) of pesticides; maintaining, servicing, repairing, cleaning, or handling


equipment used in these activities that may contain residues; working with opened (including emptied but not rinsed) containers of pesticides; adjusting, repairing, or removing treatment site coverings; incorporat- ing (mechanical or watered-in) pesticides into the soil; entering a treated area during any application or before the inhalation exposure level listed on the pesticide product label has been reached or green- house ventilation criteria have been met; or performing the duties of a crop advisor, including field checking or scouting, making observations of the well-being of the plants, or taking samples during an application or any restricted-entry interval listed on the pesticide product label. Handle does not include local, state, or federal officials performing inspection, sampling, or other similar official duties.

home use. use in a household or its immediate environment.

industrial use. use for or in a manu- facturing, mining, or chemical process; or use in the operation of factories, processing plants, and similar sites.

institutional use. use within the confines of, or on property neces- sary for the operation of, buildings such as hospitals, schools, libraries, auditoriums, and office complexes.

laws. statutes passed by the California Legislature and signed by the Governor. Pesticide and pest control laws are found in the California Food and Agricultural Code.

LC50. the lethal concentration of active ingredient in air or water that will kill 50% of the test animals. LC50 is usually expressed in micrograms (1/ 1,000,000g) per liter of air or water ( g/1). LC50 is used to measure acute inhalation toxicity.

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