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pesticides or pesticide residues that must be provided by an employer and are separate from, or in addi- tion to, work clothing. PPE may include chemical-resistant suits, chemical-resistant gloves, chemical- resistant footwear, respiratory protection devices, chemical- resistant aprons, chemical-resistant headgear, protective eyewear, or a coverall (one- or two-piece gar- ment).

pest control business. any person who advertises, solicits, or operates as a pest control business must have a current pest control business license. The activities include, but are not limited to:

  • ground and aerial applications

  • farm management companies when their services include pest control

  • packing houses, shippers, storage facilities, household or industrial sanitation services

There must be at least one person in a supervisory position who holds a QAL at each principal and branch location.

pest control maintenance gardener business. any person who performs pest control for hire incidental to his or her business of maintenance gardening must first qualify for a pest control business license in the maintenance gardener category by passing examinations in both the laws and regulations and the landscape maintenance categories. The incidental pest control is limited to ornamental and turf plantings indoors, in commercial parks, or surrounding structures.

pest control dealer. any person, including any manufacturer, distributor, or retailer, who engages in any of the following business activities:

  • selling pesticides to users for an

agricultural use


  • selling to users any method or device for the control of agricul- tural pests, such as biological agents, lures, or insect-trapping devices

  • soliciting sales of pesticides by making agricultural use recom- mendations through field repre- sentatives, or other agents

  • selling to a user a pesticide classified as a restricted material that requires either a permit for possession and use or that may be used only by or under the direct supervision of a certified applica- tor

pest management guides. these are manuals prepared by DPR or the University of California that include pest management information on specific crops and that have been adopted as a standard by the director.

pesticide. any substance or mixture of substances that is a pesticide as defined in the Food and Agricul- tural Code and includes mixtures and dilutions of pesticides.

pesticide broker. any person in or outside of California engaged in the sale or distribution of pesticides labeled for agricultural use in California. A pesticide broker license must be issued for each principal and branch location. This license does not apply to people who sell or distribute pesticides that are labeled for nonagricultural use or who sell agricultural use pesti- cides to the end user. The sale of agricultural use pesticides to the end user requires the seller to obtain a pest control dealer license.

pesticide management zone (PMZ). a geographical area of approximately one square mile that is sensitive to ground water pollution and that corresponds to a section as defined by base, meridian, township, range, and section, or that is defined by

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