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ingredients are potentially more hazardous than others even when they are used according to the registered label. The U.S. EPA has designated these as restricted use pesticides. The Director of DPR has designated additional pesticides with certain active ingredients as California restricted materials. The California restricted materials list includes U.S. EPA restricted use pesticides and those pesticides the DPR Director has designated as California restricted materials. The possession or use of restricted materials is regulated more closely and permitted only under a restricted materials permit issued by the county agricultural commissioner. After evaluating an applicant’s qualifi- cations, the county agricultural commissioner may grant to certified commercial or private applicators a possession and use permit for the restricted materials.

Federal Restricted Use Pesticides

Federal restricted use pesticides, which bear the statement “Restricted Use Pesticide” on the label, are re- stricted because U.S. EPA has deter- mined that

  • their acute dermal (skin) or inhalation (lung) toxicity presents hazards to applicators or others

  • their use by people who do not have a demonstrated level of competence in the safe handling of

pesticides could lead to unreason- able harm to the environment

Supervision Standards for Certified Applicators. Federal restricted use pesticides or California restricted materials must be used only by or under the supervision of a certified commercial or private applicator, unless the label specifies otherwise. The certified applicator responsible for this supervision must be aware of the conditions at the site of application and be available to direct or control the manner in which applications are made by noncertified applicators. The availability of the certified applicator must be directly related to the actual or potential hazard of the situation.

The labels of a few specific federal restricted use pesticides require the certified applicator to provide direct supervision and to be physically present when noncertified handlers are involved in applying, mixing, or loading these pesticides and when they repair or clean the application equip- ment (Figure 2-1). “Physically present” means the certified applicator must remain in the line of sight to

  • observe that noncertified handlers follow the label directions

  • provide guidance if the label is unclear

  • intervene if the noncertified handler fails to follow safe and effective handling procedures or fails to adhere to label directions

  • respond if an unusual situation occurs

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