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The labels of a few specific federal restricted use pesticides require the certified applicator to provide direct supervision and to be physically present when noncertified handlers apply, mix, or load these pesticides or repair or clean application equipment.

California Restricted Materials

California has classified pesticides with certain active ingredients, includ- ing federal restricted use pesticides, as California restricted materials based on the following criteria:

  • danger or impairment to public health

  • hazards to pesticide applicators and fieldworkers

  • hazards to domestic animals (including honey bees) or to crops from direct application or drift

  • hazards to the environment from drift onto streams, lakes, or wildlife sanctuaries

  • hazards related to persistent residues in the soil that could result in contamination of the air, waterways, estuaries, or lakes with consequent damage to fish, wild birds, or other wildlife

  • hazards to subsequent crops through persistent soil residues

The Director of DPR has adopted regulations about the possession and use of any restricted material. These regulations prescribe the time when, and the conditions under which, a restricted material may be possessed or used in California. Use is limited to situations in which

  • it is reasonably certain that no

injury will result, and


  • there is no nonrestricted material or procedure that is equally effective and practical

Restricted Materials Permit

With certain exemptions, to possess or use any restricted material for agricultural use you must have a written permit from a county agricul- tural commissioner or the Director of DPR or be under the direct supervision of the county agricultural commis- sioner. This written permit is called a restricted materials permit (Figure 2- 2). The use of restricted materials may be subject to additional specific limitations

  • in certain areas

  • under certain conditions relating to safety

  • regarding certain specified quanti- ties or concentrations

  • regarding certain mixtures

  • in compliance with industrial safety orders of the Department of Industrial Relations and any order of the Director of DPR or county agricultural commissioner

  • agreed upon by the owner or person in possession of the property to be treated to comply with certain conditions

Before a restricted materials permit is issued, the county agricultural commis-

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