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are addressed in Chapter 4 of this study guide.)

Notice of Intent (NOI). Since permits issued for agricultural use of pesticides must be site and time specific, you must submit a Notice of Intent to the county agricultural commissioner at least 24 hours prior to beginning your application. The county agricultural commissioner may allow less than the required 24-hour Notice of Intent if they determine that

  • because of the nature of the commodity or pest problem, you need to start your application sooner to attain effective pest control


  • they do not need 24 hours to

evaluate the intended application The Notice of Intent may be submit- ted to the county agricultural commis- sioner by the property operator, the operator’s authorized representative, or the licensed pest control business making the pesticide application, and must provide information about the proposed application. If this informa- tion has already been provided on the restricted materials permit, you can just make reference to the permit on the Notice of Intent. The Notice of Intent must supply the following information:

  • the restricted materials permit number

  • the name and address of the permittee and the applicator

  • the location of areas to be treated and the name of the farm operator

  • the crop or commodity, or if there is no crop or commodity, the site to be treated

  • the approximate acres or other units to be treated

  • the method of application and the restricted material or restricted materials to be used

  • the dilution, the volume per acre or other units, and the dosage


  • the pest or pests to be controlled

  • the date the intended application is to commence

  • the locations and identity of areas that have changed since the permit was issued and that may be adversely impacted

Restricted Materials Permit Evalua- tion. Before issuing any restricted materials permit and when evaluating a Notice of Intent, the county agricul- tural commissioner must consider the environmental impact of the proposed pesticide use. If they determine that a substantial adverse effect on the environment is likely, they must decide whether there is a feasible alternative— including the alternative of no pesticide application—or feasible mitigation measures that could substantially reduce the adverse impact. If they identify feasible alternatives or mitiga- tion measures, they must deny the permit or intended pesticide applica- tion, or approve it on the condition that mitigation measures be used.

When they make these determina- tions, the county agricultural commis- sioner must consider and make use of their knowledge of local conditions, applicable sections of the California Food and Agricultural Code and the California Code of Regulations, pest management guidelines, restricted material hazard charts, DPR’s Pesticide Safety Information Series (PSIS) leaflets, information obtained from monitoring other pest control opera- tions, and any other information provided by the Director of DPR.

In addition to the required informa- tion specified in the nonagricultural and agricultural portions of the permit, each permit must contain the follow- ing:

  • any appropriate conditions or limitations on the use of the pesticide or pesticides, including available PSIS leaflets for each pesticide included on the permit

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