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the material as a Federal Restricted Material, the Director’s exemption does not apply.

Refusal, Suspension, or Revocation of a Restricted Materials Permit. Your restricted materials permit may be refused, revoked, or suspended if you violate any condition of the permit, or any provision of the laws or regula- tions. Violations could include

  • failure to prepare pesticide use

records and keep these on file for


two years, or failure to report pesticide use as required by the Director of DPR or the county agricultural commissioner

  • preparing false or fraudulent records or reports

  • refusing to allow the county agricultural commissioner or the Director of DPR to enter and inspect a treatment site or storage facility or to inspect application equipment, or the pesticide product or products being used


  • 1.

    The U.S. EPA may classify a pesticide as a re- stricted use pesticide if it

    • a.

      is ineffective unless used at twice the label- recommended rate

    • b.

      presents a significant dermal hazard to applicators

    • c.

      leaves visible residues on treated surfaces

    • d.

      does not brea down within 7 days

  • 2.

    Any person in California who applies or supervises the application of a restricted use pesticide must

    • a.

      attend 20 hours of special training

    • b.

      notify the local UC Cooperative Extension advisor before ma ing or supervising an application

    • c.

      obtain a medical release from a physician

    • d.

      be a California-certified commercial or private applicator

  • 3.

    Which of the following is not a criterion for DPR to classify a pesticide as a California restricted material?

    • a.

      the pesticide is effective and practical

    • b.

      the pesticide could be dangerous to public health

    • c.

      there is a hazard to subsequent crops through persistent soil residues

    • d.

      there is a hazard to honey bees from direct application or drift

  • 4.

    Which two documents must individuals who are

engaged in pest control for hire have available when making an agricultural use application of a pesticide that requires a permit?

a. copies of their business license and the applicable UC Pest Management Guideline

(answers on page 119)

    • b.

      a valid driver’s license and the current restricted materials permit

    • c.

      the grower’s wor order and a valid driver’s license

    • d.

      copies of the written pest control recom- mendation or grower’s wor order and the current restricted materials permit

  • 5.

    An application for a restricted materials permit for nonagricultural use must include the

    • a.

      name and address of the nearest agricultural commissioner’s office

    • b.

      name and address of the individual who will be ma ing the application

    • c.

      criteria for determining the need for the pesticide application

    • d.

      nown health effects of the pesticide to be applied

  • 6.

    Permits for the agricultural use of restricted pesticides must be

    • a.

      site and time specific

    • b.

      mailed or personally delivered to anyone living within 1/4 mile of the application

    • c.

      approved by the Director of the California Department of Food and Agriculture

    • d.

      posted in a central location for 30 day after the application

  • 7.

    A restricted materials permit is valid for up to _______ year(s) for certain types of perennial agricultural plantings.

    • a.


    • b.


    • c.


    • d.


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