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rig, service rig, and similar equipment you use for mixing or applying pesti- cides with either the name of the business or with “Licensed Pest Control Operator,” “Fumigation Division,” or similar wording. You must also include your pest control operator license number or that of the firm. These markings must be large enough to be readable at a distance of 25 feet.

In addition, you must register each piece of application equipment in each county where you intend to use this equipment. The county agricultural commissioner may arrange to have all of your firm’s pest control equipment inspected when you register it to ensure that it is properly marked and in safe working condition.

Notice. When you perform pest control you must give notice to the operator of the property you will be treating and obtain that person’s consent before you apply any pesticide. The operator of the property must then give notice to everyone known to be on the property or likely to enter while any restrictions on entry are in effect. If this notice is given to farm labor contractors, the contractors are responsible for giving notice to their employees. Each notice must

  • state the date of the application

  • identify the pesticide by brand name or common chemical name

  • be adequate to advise of the precautions, including restricted- entry provisions, from the regis- tered label or applicable laws and regulations that must be observed

Completion Notice. In addition to the notice requirements described above, a pest control business that applies pesticides for the production of an agricultural commodity must also give a completion notice to the opera- tor of the treated property (or the operator’s designated employee) within

24 hours after completing the pesticide application. The operator’s designated employee must have the authority and ability to, if necessary, reschedule or stop activities that involve fieldworkers who perform cultural practices (e.g., irrigation, thinning, tree-limb prop- ping, weeding, harvesting). The completion notice must include the following information:

  • the location of the property, including the site identification number, and the acreage that was treated

  • the pesticide or pesticides that were applied

  • the date and hour that the applica- tion was completed

  • the applicable restricted-entry and pre-harvest intervals, unless a copy of a written recommendation made by a licensed Agricultural Pest Control Adviser was given to the operator of the property being treated

If the operator of the property (or the operator’s designated employee) will not be available to receive the comple- tion notice within the 24-hour period, the operator of the property must communicate to the pest control business, in writing, the method by which they choose to receive this notification. The method may be, but is not limited to, any of the following:

  • posting or leaving the completion notice in a designated location on the operator’s property

  • recording the completion notice on a phone answering machine or voicemail

  • sending the completion notice by FAX

The operator whose property was treated must maintain the following records:

  • an application completion notice for each site that was treated

  • a copy of the written notification instructions the property operator gave to the pest control business, if that was necessary

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