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agricultural commissioner of the county in which the pest control was performed. They must do this by hand delivery or mail within seven days of completion of the pesticide application. If they mail the report, the postmark is the date of delivery. Within 30 days of completion of the pesticide application, the pest control business must send a copy of the pesticide use report to the operator of the property where the pest control was done. The property operator must retain a copy of the business’s pesticide use report by site for two years.

Pesticide use reports must be on a DPR form (available from the county agricultural commissioner) or in a format approved by the Director of DPR. Reports must include the infor- mation specified in the “Pesticide Use Records” section above and the name and address of the pest control business that made the application.

This pesticide use reporting system is designed to generate data to address the numerous issues (e.g., fieldworker and restricted-entry, groundwater, endangered species) that California agriculture faces or will face.

Operator Identification Numbers. In each county where pest control work will be performed, property operators producing an agricultural commodity must obtain an operator identification number from the county agricultural commissioner before the purchase and use of pesticides registered for the production of an agricultural commodity. Property operators must provide their operator identification number to each pest control business that applies pesticides to their property for the production of an agricultural commod- ity.

Negative Pesticide Use Reports. A licensed pest control business must submit a negative Pesticide Use Report during any month in which they

performed no pest control work. This negative use report must be submitted to the county agricultural commis- sioner in each county where the business is registered. They must do this by the tenth day of the following month. If the report is mailed, the postmark is the date of delivery.

Violations. When you perform pest control for hire, it is against the law for you to do any of the following:

  • make any false or fraudulent record or report

  • operate in any county without first having registered with the county agricultural commissioner

  • operate without first having obtained a pest control business license from the Director of DPR

  • operate equipment with incompe- tent or unqualified people in charge of the equipment

  • use any fraud or misrepresentation in making application for a license or for renewal of a license

No Fee Pest Control Business License

If you do not regularly engage in the business of pest control and if you operate only in the vicinity of your own property and for the accommoda- tion of your neighbors, you do not need to pay the pest control business license fee. However, you are still required to obtain the pest control business license.

Before you can apply for this license, you must obtain a Qualified Applicator License by passing the “Laws, Regula- tions, and Basic Principles” examina- tion. You must also pass one or more of the category examinations listed in Sidebar 3, depending on the type of pest control you will be conducting. Usually, this is the Plant Agriculture Pest Control category. You must complete continuing education hours

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