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before you can renew your Qualified Applicator License. (You must pay a fee to obtain the required Qualified Applicator License.) If you want to apply for the no-fee pest control business license, contact your local county agricultural commissioner to obtain the appropriate application form and further instructions.

Maintenance Gardener Pest Control Business License

Gardeners, landscape maintenance service companies, and interiorscape service companies that apply pesticides as an incidental part of (in the context of) their business must be licensed as Maintenance Gardener Pest Control Businesses. This license is required for any incidental pest control when it is done for hire, including the use of snail bait and other pesticides that are provided by the home owner.

If you contract to do landscape maintenance with parks, golf courses, or cemeteries you must obtain a Pest Control Business License if your work includes pest control. Pest control for hire in these settings is not covered under the scope of a Maintenance Gardener Pest Control Business License.

Minimum Requirements. To qualify for the Maintenance Gardener Pest Control Business License you must first obtain a Qualified Applicator Certifi- cate (or a Qualified Applicator License) by passing the “Laws, Regulations, and Basic Principles” examination as well as the Landscape Maintenance Pest Control Category examination (see Sidebar 3). You can apply for the Maintenance Gardener Pest Control Business License by submitting a completed application and the required fee to DPR. The name of the person who holds the Qualified Applicator License and the license number must be listed on the application. If your business has employees, you must also


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include the name of the worker’s compensation insurance carrier, the policy number, and the policy expira- tion date. In addition, as the applicant, you must be financially able to respond to damages resulting from the pest control work.

County Registration. Once you have secured a Maintenance Gardener Pest Control Business License, before you conduct any work you must register with the county agricultural commis- sioner in each county in which your business intends to perform pest control. Most counties require a fee for registration. Registration is required annually and covers one calendar year.

You must make arrangements with the county agricultural commissioner to inspect your pest control equipment for proper markings and proper safe working conditions.

Pesticide Use Records. When you engage for hire in the business of pest control you must maintain records of pesticide use. The records must include the following information for each pest control operation:

  • the date of application

  • the name of the operator of the property treated

  • the location of the property treated

  • the crop, commodity, or site treated

  • the total acreage or units treated at the site

  • the name of the pesticide, includ- ing the U.S. EPA or state registra- tion number on the pesticide label, and the amount used

You must retain these records for two years and promptly make them available to the county agricultural commissioner or Director of DPR upon request.

Monthly Summary Pesticide Use Reports. Maintenance gardener pest control businesses that are required to maintain pesticide use records must

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