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  • the number of applications made with each pesticide and the total number of applications made during the month

  • the total acres or units treated with each pesticide, except when using a designated use code as specified on DPR’s Monthly Summary Pesticide Use Report form

Negative Pesticide Use Reports. A licensed maintenance gardener pest control business must submit a negative Pesticide Use Report to the county agricultural commissioner during any month in which they perform no pest control work in a county where the business is registered. They must do this by the tenth day of the following month. If the report is mailed, the postmark is the date of delivery.

Violations. When you perform pest control incidental to (in the context of) a maintenance gardening business, it is against the law for you to do any of the following:

  • operate without first having obtained a Pest Control Business License in the Maintenance Gardener Pest Control category from the Director of DPR

  • make any false or fraudulent record or report

  • operate in any county without first having registered with the county agricultural commissioner

  • operate equipment with incompe- tent or unqualified people in charge of the equipment

  • use any fraud or misrepresentation in making application for a license or for renewal of a license

Pest Control Dealer License

Anyone (including manufacturers, distributors, or retailers) who engages in any of the following business activities is required to be licensed as a pest control dealer:


  • 39

  • selling pesticides for an agricul- tural use, or selling dual use pesticides (pesticides that can be used for an agricultural use or nonagricultural use)

  • selling users any method or device for control of agricultural pests such as biological agents, lures, or insect trapping devices

  • soliciting sales of pesticides by making agricultural use recom- mendations through field represen- tatives or other agents

  • selling a pesticide classified as a restricted material that requires either a permit for possession and use or that may be used only by or under the direct supervision of a certified applicator

Any other branch, sales yard store, or sales location owned and operated by the pest control dealer must be licensed as a branch location. Each pest control dealer is responsible for the actions of each employee regarding the solicita- tion and sale of pesticides and regard- ing all claims and recommendations for the use of pesticides.

A Pest Control Dealer’s License is not required for a person who has a Pest Control Business License or a Struc- tural Pest Control License and sells only the pesticides they apply. Govern- ment agencies are also exempt from having to be licensed as pest control dealers. Many county agricultural commissioners sell rodenticides and bird control materials at cost to the public.

County Registration. County registration for Pest Control Dealer Licenses is not required at this time.

Minimum Requirements. To obtain a Pest Control Dealer License, you must submit an application to the Director of DPR, specifying the location of the main business and any branch sales yards, stores, or sales sites. Your application must also show that you

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