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Certified applicators must sign a sworn statement before they purchase antifouling paints or coatings that contain tributyltin. The statement must be made using wording that is the same as (or similar to) this example.

I , _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , d e c l a r e u n d e r p e n a l t y o f p e r j u r y n a m e o f c e r t i f i e d a p p l i c a t o r

that the antifouling paint or coating containing tributyltin that I am purchasing shall be applied only to an aluminum vessel hull; a vessel hull 82 feet or more in length; or an outboard motor or lower drive unit. The serial number of the vessel is ____________.

_____________________________________ Certified Applicator’s Signature

__________ Date

  • the name and certificate number of the certified commercial applicator (certified in Category M—Anti- fouling-Tributyltin)

  • the location of the vessel where the application is to be made

  • the date of sale and the quantity sold

  • a copy of the vessel registration or sworn statement verifying the vessel length or vessel hull compo- sition requirements or the intended use on an outboard motor or lower drive unit and registration number. If no registration number exists, the vessel serial number must be included.

The dealer must maintain the records specified above in a separate sales log for two years, and the records must be kept available for inspection by the county agricultural commissioner or the Director of DPR upon request.

Pest Control Dealer Designated Agent License

Licensed pest control dealers must have a designated agent at the principal office and at each branch location. A person may qualify as a designated agent by possessing a valid Pest Control Dealer Designated Agent License. A designated agent is required to actively supervise all operations conducted at that location.

Minimum Qualifications. Before an initial license is issued, or before a license is issued to a person who has

not possessed a valid Pest Control Dealer Designated Agent License within the last 12 months, applicants must pass an examination to demon- strate their knowledge of the laws and regulations governing the use and sale of pesticides and the responsibilities involved in carrying on the business of a pest control dealer.

Continuing Education Require- ments. No continuing education is required at this time for the renewal of this license.

Denial, Revocation, or Suspension of a Pest Control Dealer Designated Agent License. Your Pest Control Dealer Designated Agent License may be denied, revoked, or suspended by the Director of DPR, after a hearing, for any of the following:

  • failure to notify the Director of DPR, in writing, of any change of address

  • failure to comply with the laws and regulations relating to pesticides

  • making false or fraudulent state- ments, or misrepresenting or failing to disclose important facts when you apply for a license or renewal of a license

  • making false or misleading statements in written records or reports relating to pesticides, or making false or misleading statements regarding the pest control dealer business where you work

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