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Pesticide Broker License

Whether you reside out-of-state or in California, if you are engaged in the sale or distribution into or within California of California-registered pesticides that are labeled for agricul- tural use, you must be licensed as a pesticide broker. Exceptions include

  • registrants selling their own California-registered agricultural use pesticides

  • licensed pest control dealers

As a broker, you must retain records of purchases, sales, and distributions of pesticides into or within California for four years. You must make these records available to the county agricul- tural commissioner or the Director of DPR upon request.

Continuing Education Require- ments. Continuing education is not required at this time for the renewal of the Pesticide Broker License.

County Registration. County Registration is not required at this time.

Denial, Revocation, or Suspension of a Pesticide Broker License. Your Pesticide Broker License may be denied, revoked, or suspended by the Director of DPR, after a hearing, for any of the following:

  • failure to notify the Director of DPR, in writing, of any change of address

  • failure to comply with the laws and regulations relating to pesticides

  • making false or fraudulent state- ments, or misrepresenting or failing to disclose important facts when you apply for a license or renewal of a license

  • making false or misleading statements in written records or reports relating to pesticides

Pest Control Aircraft Pilot Certificate

If you perform pest control while operating an aircraft you must hold a valid Pest Control Aircraft Pilot


  • 43

Certificate issued by the Director of DPR, a valid commercial pilot’s certifi- cate, a current medical certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Admin- istration (FAA), and meet all other FAA requirements.

There are two types of pilot certifi- cates: Apprentice and Journeyman. Before an initial certificate is issued, you must pass an examination to demonstrate

  • your ability to legally and safely conduct aerial pest control opera- tions

  • your knowledge of the nature and effect of materials used in pest control

Minimum Requirements for the Apprentice Pilot. Before you start to make aerial pest control applications in California you must obtain an appren- tice certificate by passing the examina- tions. As a certified apprentice pilot you may conduct pest control activities only under the direct and personal supervision of someone who holds a valid journeyman’s certificate from DPR. The journeyman pilot responsible for supervising you must be aware of the conditions at the application site and be available to direct and control the manner in which you make applications. The availability of the journeyman must be directly related to the actual or potential hazard of the situation.

Minimum Requirements for the Journeyman Pilot. Once you are an apprentice pilot for at least one year you may take the journeyman pilot examination after you have completed a minimum of 150 hours of pest control in a fixed-wing aircraft or 50 hours of pest control in a nonfixed- wing aircraft within the past two calendar years. You must have the journeyman pilot who supervised you complete and sign a “Statement of Supervision,” and you must return the statement with the application when you apply to take the Journeyman Pilot Examination.

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