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keeping requirements for all licensees and certificate holders are addressed later in this chapter. There is no grace period. If you fail to earn the required number of continuing education hours before the certificate expiration date, you cannot renew. To again possess the certificate you must again pass the examinations.

Denial, Revocation, and Suspension of a Pest Control Aircraft Pilot Certificate. The Director of DPR may refuse to issue a certificate to any pest control aircraft pilot, and may revoke or suspend the certificate of any pilot, after a hearing, for any of the following:

  • The pilot is not qualified to conduct the pest control opera- tions in accordance with the Certificate.

  • The pilot does not hold an appro- priate and valid commercial pilot’s certificate and a current appropri- ate medical certificate issued by the FAA.

  • The pilot has violated any provi- sions of the laws and regulations pertaining to pesticides, any industrial safety order of the Department of Industrial Relations, or has not complied with any order of the county agricultural commis- sioner or the Director of DPR.

The Director of DPR may also condi- tion the certificate of any pest control aircraft pilot if they find that the continuance of the certificate endan- gers public welfare or safety.

Qualified Applicator Certificate

You must obtain the Qualified Applicator Certificate (QAC) if you intend to use or supervise the use of restricted use pesticides. In addition, some agencies and businesses require you, as their employee, to have a QAC if you use or supervise the use of any pesticide, including general use pesticides.


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In general, if you possess only this certificate you cannot engage in the business of pest control for hire. However, there is an exception if you are a Qualified Applicator Certificate holder only under the Landscape Maintenance Pest Control Category B or Q and you possess (or are working under a qualified applicator who possesses) the Maintenance Gardener Pest Control Business License. You are limited to working only in areas covered by the Landscape Maintenance Pest Control Category. Specifically, the primary work done under this category is landscape maintenance and pesticide application that is incidental to (done in the context of) the maintenance of ornamental and turf plantings indoors or ornamental and turf plantings in commercial parks or surrounding structures.

Minimum Requirements. Before an initial Qualified Applicator Certificate is issued, or before a certificate is issued to a person who has not pos- sessed a valid Qualified Applicator Certificate within the last 12 months, applicants must pass the “Laws, Regulations, and Basic Principles” examination. In addition they must pass one or more of the category examinations listed in Sidebar 3, depending on what type of pest control will be conducted. A Qualified Applica- tor Certificate holder may use or supervise the use of any pesticide (restricted use or general use) only in areas corresponding to the categories in which they have been found qualified through the examination process.

Continuing Education Require- ments. To renew your Qualified Applicator Certificate you must complete a minimum of 20 hours of DPR-approved pest management and pesticide instruction within each two- year certificate period. At least four hours of this continuing education must pertain to pesticide laws and

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