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number of continuing education hours before the license expiration date, you cannot renew. To again possess the license you must again pass the examinations.

A Qualified Applicator licensee who has only the Maintenance Gardener Pest Control Category (Category Q) and possesses or is the qualified applicator under a valid Maintenance Gardener Pest Control Business License must have a minimum of eight hours of DPR-approved pest management and pesticide instruction for each two-year license period. Included in the eight hours of instruction must be at least two hours pertaining to pesticide laws and regulations.

A Qualified Applicator licensee who has only the Seed Treatment Pest Control Category (Category H) must have a minimum of four hours of DPR- approved pest management and pesticide instruction for each two-year license period. Included in the 4 hours of instruction must be a least two hours pertaining to pesticide laws and regulations. The continuing education record-keeping requirements for all licensees and certificate holders are addressed later in this chapter.

County Registration. County registration is not required for Quali- fied Applicator licensees. However, if you are the qualified applicator for a pest control business and the business plans to work in a particular county, the pest control business must register with that county’s agricultural commis- sioner. Your Qualified Applicator License card will be imprinted on the County Registration form, since you are the business’s qualified applicator.

Most counties require a fee for pest control business license registration. The fee applies to the registration of the principal office location and each branch office location. Registration is required annually and covers one calendar year. For information on the


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county registration fees, contact the county agricultural commissioner’s office where your business intends to operate.

Denial, Revocation, and Suspension of a Qualified Applicator License. A Qualified Applicator License may be denied, revoked, or suspended by the Director of DPR, after a hearing, for any of the following:

  • failure to adequately supervise the use of a restricted material

  • failure to comply with the laws and regulations governing pesticides and pesticide use

  • making any false or fraudulent record or report

Agricultural Pest Control Adviser License

If you do any of the following, you must be licensed as an Agricultural Pest Control Adviser:

  • provide pest control recommenda- tions concerning any agricultural use

  • offer yourself as an “authority” on any agricultural use

  • solicit services or sales for agricul- tural use outside of a fixed place of business

Exemptions. The following people are exempt from the adviser licensing requirements:

  • officials of federal, state, and county departments of agriculture

  • University of California personnel, provided their recommendations are for specific applications on specific parcels and in writing

Minimum Qualifications. If you have never possessed a valid California Pest Control Adviser License you must meet the minimum qualifications listed below and pass the Pest Control Adviser License examination before you can be issued a license. If you have

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