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substantially lessen any significant adverse impact on the environment have been considered and, if feasible, adopted

  • the signature and address of the adviser; the date, and the name and address of the business the adviser represents

Advisers must retain a copy of each written recommendation for one year following the date of the recommenda- tion.

Advisories for Ground Water Protection. Each ground water protec- tion advisory must be in writing and be specific to only one chemical. Only a licensed Agricultural Pest Control Adviser who has completed the Ground Water Protection Training Program approved and administered by DPR may write a Ground Water Protection Advisory. Advisories are required when pesticides containing certain active ingredients will be used in a Pesticide Management Zone (PMZ). The specific information that must be included in an advisory and the record-keeping requirements are addressed in Chapter 9.

Continuing Education Require- ments. To renew your Agricultural Pest Control Adviser License you must complete a minimum of 40 hours of DPR-approved pesticide or pest management instruction within each two-year license period. The 40 hours of instruction must include at least four hours pertaining to pesticide laws and regulations (see Table 3-1). There is no grace period. If you fail to earn the required number of continuing educa- tion hours before the license expiration date, you cannot renew. To again possess the license you must again pass the examinations.

Denial, Revocation, and Suspension of the Agricultural Pest Control Adviser License and County Registra- tion. An Agricultural Pest Control


  • 51

Adviser License may be refused, revoked, or suspended by the Director of DPR, after a hearing, for the follow- ing reasons:

  • failure to put recommendations in writing

  • making false or fraudulent state- ments in written recommendations

  • violation of applicable state or federal laws or regulations, or violating regulations adopted by the local county agricultural commissioner

  • failure to pass the examination on laws and regulations, or failing to pass at least one category examina- tion

  • making a recommendation in a category in which he or she is not licensed

The county agricultural commissioner may refuse, revoke, or suspend an adviser’s county registration for the same reasons. If the county agricultural commissioner takes any disciplinary action against the registration of an adviser, the adviser may appeal to the Director of DPR, in writing, within ten days of the commissioner’s decision.

Continuing Education Information and Record Keeping Requirements for Licensees and Certificate Holders

Your license or certificate cannot be renewed unless you complete the specified number of hours of continu- ing education within each license or certificate’s valid period (Table 3-1). There is no grace period. If you fail to earn the required number of continu- ing education hours before the license or certificate expiration date, you cannot renew. To again possess the license or certificate you must again pass the examinations.

Your continuing education must directly pertain to pesticides and pest management. Sales-oriented courses are not acceptable. The continuing

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